1. 3) We are in the final stage of server migration which will allow us to provide a more stable service in the immediate future.

  2. 2) A caching bug on CloudFlare edge caused some account login page to be cached that should not have been. This security bug has been fixed and rules have been put into place to prevent this in the future. Report to [email protected] if you still see this problem.

  3. Update:

    1) Network access for both website and app will be transitioning to ipv6 for device on ipv6 networks. We will release an app update to enable this. Website will auto work on ipv6.

  4. Network login via google, facebook, twitter was offline due to the earlier web service disruption. Network login issue has been fixed.

  5. App access unaffected by the website login error. Error is isolated to the login area of websites only.

  6. Website login area is currently offline due to server migration induced bug. Estimated eta to operational status ~1 hour.

  7. We have resolved app connectivity issue. Still tracing the core cause which have been traced to network layer (arp packets).

  8. Due to server migration in progress we are receiving reports of performance degradation in app access.Web access not effected. We are routing resources to address this temp issue.

  9. Over the past 8 hours some alert emails were delivered more than once. Duplicate alert emails issue has now been fixed.

  10. We are currently doing physical server migration. Lots of work to be done and we will do our best to minimize service interruption. We will post update if we expect any migration to cause interruptions.

    Entire migration will take ~10 days to complete.

  11. iOS v28.0 released:

    * Email Alert toggles in account settings
    * Lots of iOS 14.x bug/compat fixes
    * General bug fixes and quality of life improvementshttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/fanfiction-net/id1192753879 

  12. Update:

    * Stats for web is under counted by 2x due to bug/pending fix. Also web stats does not count app reads. We will consolidate web/app reads stats in a future update.

  13. We are currently investigating an issue with web access via Opera Mini browser. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Mobile for now.

  14. Update:

    * App AI translation stability resolved
    * Jan 1-6 web stats backlog processed
    * Email delivery to @att.net fixed
    * App v28.0 beta ready with toggle for alerts
    * API beta preview delayed but on schedule for late Jan

  15. Web Services Update:

    Software/hardware migration complete. ~40 seconds down time. Web services back online.

  16. Web Services Update:

    We will be performing an emergency software/hardware migration. Web services will be down for approximately 3 minutes.

  17. iOS/Mac Update:

    iOS/Mac users should upgrade to v27.18 which contains a critical fix which may result in reading text truncation when on Ubuntu or Liberation font. The new version should be downloadable from App store within the hour. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fanfiction-net/id1192753879 

  18. App Update:

    Two separate incidents to our now redundant upstream providers caused network interruptions and sporadic app network access issues in the past 12 hours. The likelihood that both redundant networks got hit around the same time was low but still happened.

  19. In progress:

    * We are working to resolve the reported software issues regarding uploads and stats
    * API for curated 3rd party bots should be ready on the 31st and right before 2021
    * Testing to reduce amount of captcha users encounter for the admin area