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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm a university student who loves writing in my spare time-- I currently have only one story up, though I've been writing for several years. I've beta'd before and I've found it to be an interesting and very fun process. I currently beta for one person, though I'm looking to take more people on as partners. It takes me at most three days to edit a chapter 7,000 words long, so I'm fairly quick.

I'm pretty open about how people want to have their stuff beta'd. You may want to do it in chunks, send it to me in a word document by e-mail, or use an online writing service: I don't really mind what you choose. I've beta'd through Zoho the most, though I've also done it one-on-one with a hard-copy. Whatever you choose, I'm fine with it.

My beta style is not complex. I go through it fixing spelling and grammar, along with making note of glaring characterization or technical issues. I'll write in brackets my problem and then, after doing a couple more read-throughs to see if I've caught everything, I'll send it back to you. Then we'll discuss the errors and my general opinion of the chapter. What we do this over-- IM, phone, livejournal, e-mail-- is up to you. Once you've looked over the errors and decided what to do with them, you send it back and I'll look it over again, one last time. After that, if I find nothing that I've overlooked, you'll have my blessing to post it up.

About my corrections: I do not feel that I am the end-all. It is 100% possible I am not right-- writing is very subjective, so if something I say doesn't ring true for you, ignore it. I'm here in an advisory role only. I am not the writer of your story. Tell me if you disagree (politely, though!) and I'll leave it alone. :)

On to expectations, then! I'll confess to being not very picky. I'm looking more for someone with good ideas than a master of spelling and grammar. I'm willing to help someone work out things like tenses and voice. While I'm happy to work with advanced writers, I'm more interested in helping people who are at a basic or intermediate level figure out the details of writing. All I ask is that you be at least functionally literate, with a large helping of ideas.

There's only one more thing I ask from potential writers: I am a full-time university student. Please be understanding if I need more than three days to edit. I have papers to do and tests to study for. I promise that I will never take more than a week to edit something, but sometimes your story will need to go on the back-burner temporarily.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My spelling is above average, and mixed with spell-check, misspelled words are not going to be in the story. I can catch typos too, and basic grammatical mistakes should be taken care of. I have a deep affection for punctuation, so it's something that I should be able to help you deal with effectively.

Plotting is something I love helping with, and I like assisting people in developing their ideas. Most of the time I'll catch plot-holes, though convoluted ones might lose me.

Characterization is something I've really focused on technique-wise. I can help you be consistent in characterization and help you create someone vivid quickly. This is one of my biggest focuses artistically.

Dialogue is another thing I'm good at. I can spot clunky dialogue and swiftly fix it; I can also help tie this to characterization and assist in creating speech patterns for every character. Please note that I cannot help you write out accents phonetically, however. Quick, light, and sharp dialogue is my specialty.

I'm good with pacing too. I lean more towards fast pacing, however.

Research is my bread and butter. I'm more than willing to help people do it. If you need to figure out what medical illness a character should have, what mythological figure should be involved with a tribe of werebears, or what prisons were like in the 1720s, I'm your girl. As a political science major, I have quite a bit of knowledge about political structures and current events. I also have a fascination with other cultures, and lots of little factual tidbits.

As a final note-- I have an obsession with motifs. Do not be surprised if I get really enthusiastic about them and encourage you to put some in your story.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I can't do major overhauls. I can assist with the fundamentals of a story, but major overhauls, sometimes involving re-writing chapters? Not something I do. I don't have the patience or the time to commit to that.

I suck at editing stories with a very serious and formal voice. My own voice in writing interferes with it, and you end up with a bastardization of both. Definitely not pretty. I can do bits of formality, but not entire stories.

Another thing I'm bad at involves mixing spellings. I'm not loyal to any set of spellings: I'll use colour and skeptic in the same sentence, and I know that this bothers some people, so I'm warning in advance. Choose a system, tell me, and I'll try my hardest not to accidentally mix in the other set.

I also suck beyond measure at naming things. I can invent names really quickly, but it tends to take forever for me to find one that sounds good. This isn't a big weakness, I admit, but it is something that people should know. I'm in no way an expert at naming, so frequently my naming ideas are made of fail. Don't expect me to be much help there.

Advanced grammar is something I can mess up. Basic grammar I'm proficient at, but advanced stuff can confuse me. If you're looking for someone who has mastery of it, I would advise you to think about another beta.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'm happy with long stories, but very long chapters will take longer than three days, since my interest will flag. I'd prefer to beta chapters that are, max, 5,000 words. Stories that are not tied to a specific genre are adored, so I'd love to see those.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I can't think of much: I'm fine with gen, het, and slash, and there's no genre I hate. It's all a matter of what I think of your basic skills or idea.
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