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Author has written 27 stories | General, Life, Romance, General, Religion, Love, Spiritual, Horror, Young Adult, and Fantasy.
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****If you cannot beta back for me or draw me characters, please move on. I am very busy, and as I don't get paid to beta, I cannot accept everyone who requests me. As much as I learn and get pleasure from betaing, I will become a very unhappy person very quickly if this means I cannot work on my own crap. But if you can help me with my crap, then please proceed.***

Hey! In case you didn't read my profile, yes, I'm a Grammar Nazi. But I like to be a helpful one, so here I am. *waves*

I've betaed quite a few stories. I'm currently managing quite a few, but as authors update at different times, I can accomodate much more than you think I can. Believe me, I'm balancing quite a lot at the moment.

In case you missed the first sentence, my strength is grammar. However, I recently joined a new site and I can now concentrate on other elements as well. But keep in mind that if you want help on description, I would stop reading this and look elsewhere, because I'm probably the worst person at describing things in the entire world.

I like to beta because it usually gives me an excuse to read beyond someone's first chapter and to learn how to edit my own work when I get around to it. (Which is hardly ever.) I do like to borrow names from stories that I beta for, but I promise to never steal complete names. But once in a while, I may see a first or last name that I like and combine it with something. If you have an extremely unique name that you do not want me to take, let me know, and I'll leave it alone.

I do expect you to use my suggestions. I will be really annoyed if you post chapters without letting me look at them first unless you sent them to me a month ago, reminded me twenty times, and I still never responded to you. I do have a life, and I'm sure you have one too. Please realize that and be patient with me. Reminders will be appreciated if I accidentally forget you.

Please try not to disappear on me without letting me know where you went. :/. If you're going to put your story on hiatus, let me know as soon as possible so I don't wait for updates. Danke, merci, gracias, xie xie, thanks, etc.

I can edit for US spelling and UK spelling because I used to live in Singapore, so I understand the whole 'spelling is different here' thing and I check countries before I start correcting spelling usually, although I may occasionally forget.

Last but not least, understand that I'm really weird. BWAHAHAHAHA. Just as a warning.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Grammar, spelling, and others, but those are the two I will harp on the most for sure. I can do both US and UK spelling, as I understand the difference between them. The only other thing that I've been told I'm good at is dialogue.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Asking me to look for consistency, visual stuff. I'm an auditory learner, sorry.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Ehh. Just look below for what's on my no list.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
No horror, absolutely no sci-fi unless you only want me looking at gramar. Not a huge fan of Rated M, but there are some exceptions.

Cussing does bother me a bit, but as long as your characters don't cuss every other sentence, I will suck it up and deal with it. (I do have a character that curses now because he thinks he's in charge or something.) I will not read slash if it is the main story. (I can suck it up and help if a side character is slashy though).

Also, since this has been a problem: If I beta something for you and you don't upload the changes, it annoys the crap out of me. I put in effort to read your story, so please respect that and use what I've done for you. It's not that hard. :).

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