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Author has written 7 stories | Manga, and Religion.
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Hello there! My name is Yuuenchi here on Fictionpress and I want to be YOUR Beta-Reader.

As a fellow amateur writer, I enjoy helping others to find their voice and their confidence. I have many decades of schooling and reading under my belt (3 counts as many, right?), with degrees in History and Library Studies; and I am presently working on a Masters degree in Philosophy with a Christian Wisdom/Metaphysics concentration, so I know a thing or two about words. I have written 7 stories here on FictionPress with a combined total of 47,471 words and plan to add at least another 18 before I am through. Additionally, I plan to substantially re-write two of them, changing them from a single chapter work into multiple chapters, which I have learned is the best way to maintain your reader's attention in this day and age. I will encourage you to do the same.

This is what you're in store for when you select me as a beta-reader: honesty, sympathy, and objectivity combined with diligence. I will not sugarcoat my edits or my comments, but neither is it my intention to destroy you as a writer. I won't be mean, per se, but I'm not about to lie to you and say "hey that's great" when what your story really needs is to go back to the cutting room floor, the brain-storming department, or even back to grammar-school. And in fact, in the "real world" of book publishing with its line-editing, developmental editing, copyediting and even proofreading professionals, this is what you must expect -not personal animosity toward you or your work, but an objective assessment of where your work is, and how it contributes to the bottom line of the publisher. And even if you decide to self-publish later on, you need an editor, and you need thick skin. I hope to help you develop just such a thick skin.

I look forward to working with you!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I like working with ideas, so I can best help you figure out plot direction and narrative flow. And in making believable transitions between chapters or events. I can also help with shoring up arguments if you have essays and spiritual texts for me to consider.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I do think that no one beta-reader can possibly hope to fix every aspect of an aspiring work. I'm not yet a good copy-editor, so won't always be able to point out every last misuse of the Oxford Comma. And if you need dialogue coaching I'm probably not the one since I'm liable to try to take over the character _in toto_ but I can help you keep your characters from sounding too terribly awkward. Neither am I the go-to guy for wardrobe fixes. Also, I'm not necessarily the fastest turn-around beta you'll make. I often have many projects to juggle, and I have an odd ever-changing work schedule. So, if you need help Right This Instant, I'm also probably not the droid you're looking for. But if you're willing to wait for quality advice for what is essentially a piece of your very soul, I'm your man.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Most of my tales that I myself write fall into the YA and Manga category, with a nod toward Fantasy and Science Fiction, but with that caveat, I believe I am an equal opportunity reader, pre-reader, and reviewer that can read your General Fiction, Essay, and Spiritual works with profit.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
The only real turn-off in terms of stories are the over-the-top horror/slash-fests (don't ask me to beta your Jason or Freddy knock of, if you please
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