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Everyone makes typos. Even in some published books you can find something that an editor has missed. But mistakes such as repeatedly saying "felled" instead of "felt" for example can dramatically reduce the readability and then, therefore even make reading even unpleasant.

Apostophe misuse drives me insane. Even famous highstreet stores can advertise "CD's at only £7". Anyone who knows anything about apostrophe use can tell you that this doesn't make sense. Similarly, "its" vs "it's", although I have to admit that this always used to get me stumped and I have only recently been able to remember the proper useage (it's raining, its ball).

I understand that American English is very different from British English. However, merging the two in one story can be, I find, rather distracting. You can read "advertising" in one paragraph, and in the next the writer is speaking of "organization". American English tends to swing more towards the 'z' in words, while British English tends to use the 's'. However, the Oxford English Dictionary uses 'z' and claims that using 's' is incorrect use of the Enligsh language. due to habit more than anything, I will usually use an 's', but I accept both as correct. However, mixing the two is what I object to, unless there is a geographical leap in your story, or if the characters come from different countries.

- Further note. I have no made a decision on what 's' or 'z' rule that I am going to use. The stem 'ize' comes from the Greek 'to make'. For example, 'to make legal', so it would be 'legalize'. That also means it would be 'exercise', as you can't 'to make exerc'. Advertise and organise I am still unsure about, so you may see me swaying a bit!

If you wish to contact me as a beta reader, please send me an email with the title "Beta Reader request" if you want to send me something, or "Beta Reader query" if you just want to ask me a question. I can accept stories both via email or through the DocX system.

As for my preferences, I have set my favourites, but I am happy to beta anything. If you send me something and want me to go over plot or characterization flaws, I will tell you if I know the story that is is based on. The bottom line is: send me things that you want ME to check. If you are looking for something different, go for someone else. If you're looking for someone to go over your grammar, well, I am the right person for you! :)

I can speak a bit of French, but am not fluent. If you want a few lines checking, I am happy to do so!

- I also betaread fan fiction under the same name on fanfiction -

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Spelling and especially grammar. So much so that I can actually spell grammar and I know the difference between fiancé and fiancée. Basically, if you want someone to go over your grammar, I'm the one. I can also point out where sentences don't make sense or where you have used one word too many times and suggest a synonym.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Characterization in media that I don't know. For, example, how could I tell you if your Harry is too confident if I'd never seen or read Harry Potter (I have, by the way, so don't worry). Similarly, plot flaws for media that I don't know.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Possibly romance over war, but I'd be happy to do any genre. Preferably a story that I know of, but if you don't mind then neither do I.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I'm happy to do whatever, so long as you are happy.
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