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β : Aubyanne M Poulter is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Hiya! Thanks for taking a moment to see how my editing services may help you better develop a successful product, and whether we would be a good fit. It's my experience that the best writer-editor duos are mutually respectful, a bit symbiotic and learn from each other's triumphs and mistakes. Before I tell you who I am, what I've done, and how I can assist you, let me tell you what I'm not; specifically, what I'll never do.

+ I'll never tell you what or how to write, or that you should stop or your project should be abandoned*. I will offer constructive criticism on how you may improve, relay where you may be falling short, and suggest how it can be remedied.

+ I'm a serious writer preparing for publication and wish to offer my editing expertise to the same level of aspiring author. I will accept low-level editing jobs from hobbyists, but my time is prioritised and focussed upon those writers on a more dedicated track.

+ I'll never claim to know or be something I'm not. If further research is needed, I'll tell you. We can both then decide how to proceed, and if it's fiscally doable.

+ I'm not here to compete with you. I'm here to help you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I'm offering my strengths here in hopes to help you as I learn how to overcome my own weaknesses through such creative collaboration.

+ I do want you to be successful, and so I offer a wide variety of experience and expertise in the field of creative writing across various media. This means I cannot offer my services free of charge. But what I do offer is high-quality, professional, results-oriented and individualised.

I'm a Hollyweird-based professional creative writer and performer whose most beneficial contribution to the field was the Show-and-Tell Method of audio-based scriptwriting in the early naughts. (Show your actors, tell your audience.) The non-narrative episodic television writing style adapted for audio-only projects revolutionised the audio drama medium, and I continue to offer private tutoring and instruction for those in this niche of a field which is fortunately regaining popularity. My own project, 'Hunting Alice: The Audio Drama Series' based off of the third novel of the same title from my The 8th Square transgressive fiction series, will be premiering online January 2012 on (Very excited about that!)

My aforementioned series received some wonderful accolades via a select pre-publishing market research venture launched by and Barnes and in '02, with the first four of the (now 6, then 5) novel series being rated 10 of 10. The first title, 'Hatter', will be seeking publication following the audio series launch.

.. : WHAT I DO : ..

I offer my services in two categories: BaseLine and FicFix. The first is your basic line-editing plus (BaseLine+) additional options tailoured to meet your project's needs. FicFix goes in-depth to sort out issues regarding storyforming and character creation with proven methods for plugging plotholes. Since I believe every work to be as individual as its author and I don't like too much commerce in my art, I don't do 'package deals' and rather prefer to work with my clients in selecting the services which will benefit them the best. Being quite a la carte, the following are my rates:

I charge between $0.06 and $0.22 a word, depending upon the project, your budget and expectations. Now, before your eyes bug out, bear in mind that the average editor charges $0.25-$2.00 per word. (Yes, really!) Now, being a writer myself, I know we're made of parts inspiration, perspiration and a dash of crazy - and what we aren't, is money. I'm sure you're as familiar as me with scrimping wherever possible until the ink dries on that big future publishing deal. That being said, everyone's time is valuable. I'm not going to waste yours, and I must feasibly account for mine.

Quick breakdown of services:

THE BASELINE: Otherwise known as 'basic line-editing'. Grammar, punctuation, coherency and concision. Word choice and overall flow. (Truly, the basics.)

STYLE & SUBSTANCE: The stuff we remember most was a bit poignant or profound, clever, as well as comprehensible. A little Hemingway with nods to Bradbury and Matheson. Lovely and colourful - but never purple.

FACT FERRET: A BaseLine+ service for those looking to get (and keep) their facts straight. I'll make sure you're not infringing copyrights (lawsuits = bad) or going too implausible for even the goofiest sci-fi.

STORY STRINGER: A FicFix service: Basic storyforming with attention to structure and shape, story intent, influences and how to keep everything solid and on-track.

CHARACTER CHECK: Strategies for ensuring you're building believable, memorable characters that keep your story strong and the pages turning. (Learn the 'cup of tea', 'private journal' methods and more.)

PLOT PROBE: We'll look at what might weaken your story later while finding resolutions for any present problems.

DIALOGUE DOCTOR: I've been called a 'dialogue doctor' here in Hollywood. Simply said, people come to me when their 'characters just don't sound right'. I make dialogue pop and characters' speech crackle.

EMERGENCY EJECT EXAMINATION: Okay. This is The Red Button. Occasionally, what you've got is just not getting there - because it can't. For a small fee, I'll closely examine whether or not abandonment is sadly your best option. It's also the last resort. I'm not a fan of telling someone to abandon a project. Sometimes, that great story ends up simply going in the waste-bin; the coveted muse having slipped out the door. First, I'll help you track it down, why it left, and guide you through a series of techniques, systems, and procedures on getting it back on track. This is the one to select when nothing else has worked and you were at your wits' end - now you're just about done with writing altogether.

... Oh, and I'm abashedly alliterative, a lascivious logophile, pernicious punster, and cleverly colloquial. (You have been warned.)

Now. All that being said, here's what you'll get with your investment-of-sorts in my services:

DABBLE: BaseLine, or BaseLine+, focussing upon the issues where you have the most concern: story, character, plot problems, or total idea abandonment. Nothing too serious for the not-so-serious. non-profit writer.

REFINE: BaseLine+ FicFix Style & Substance and Fact Ferreting; the necessary added attention for the writer who may seek future publication; taking pride in the work, but not seeking immediate profit.

PUBLISH: BaseLine+ FicFix S&S, SS, Character Check, Plot Probing, Dialogue Doctoring - the works. Top o' the line for the serious author seeking to make their mark, sign deals, fill shelves - and subsequently empty them. Special attention is given to proper genre categorisation, adequate market analysis and finding just the right readership or audience - stuff that can make or break a first-timer.

So. Where do you fit? Furthermore, what do I need from you?


I'm a pedant and I love perfection - or something close to it. More than anything, I want to be satisfied, assured that I'm releasing the best product of which I'm capable. I offer my services in the humble effort that you may seek and achieve the same. So, regardless of level of editing offered, I always put forward my best so that you can, too. If you're not willing to work, then you're not going to make it as a writer. While a labor of love, it is indeed a labour - and to get anywhere near the bestseller's list, you must love it.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My expertise is varied, but there are a few areas where I've carved out a niche, such as audio drama scripting (teaching others how to write specifically for the new generation of audio drama) and 'dialogue doctoring'. I love helping flat, awkward speech jump up, crackle and pop! My genre as a fiction writer is transgressive, so I don't faze easily. Sure, you can shock me; likely because it's over-the-top and rather gauche. But controversy and psychological thriller is my forte. I've also developed strong comic timing and am rather adept at comedic pieces - especially natural and high brow. I have the director's eye and an innate sense of imagery and metaphor. I'm quite experienced with different styles of writing for various media; from prose to stage, screen and speaker. That being said, despite my experience and education - both formally and informally - I'm always looking to learn and improve my craft. We can always become better somewhere in something!
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Hello. My name is Aubigne ... and I'm a commaholic.

It's true! Every editor has a quirk, and mine is my inexplicable (and inextricable!) love for the Oxford comma. Sometimes to the point where people ask, ' ... why did you put a comma there?' But there is a general rule with commas: if in doubt, do! Take the following: 'Let's eat, Grandma!' What happens to the sentence without the comma? ... You see my point. (Proper punctuation saves lives.) So, I use it prolifically in my own work and tend to expect it everywhere.

As a writer, though, that's a bit different. Let's list those areas which could stand improvement, shall we? I'm terrible when it comes to writing 'romance'. Total pants. Throbbing manhoods and ripped-bodices just ain't my cuppa tea. This may work in your favour, however, since my focus remains on the characters and greater story rather than whose hand is where doing what. Rather, I was taught by Elizabeth Benedict how to write about - and the actual act of - sex. First and foremost, it's gotta be about sex AND something else. That, and we should never force our characters into the sack. If they ain't goin', ask why. (And if they won't leave each other alone - get the hose! But that's another issue entirely.

I'm also an American who was raised with UK English and has continued to prefer the Queen's. Terribly sorry. While I'll never use UK English in someone's works using US English, I do use it personally, and in my own - with a style that cobbles some formatting from here with spelling from there. It's a hodgepodge, but it suits me. I don't expect it to appeal to or be offered to you. (Unless you desire it. Otherwise, it would be rude. I take pains not to be.)

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
As mentioned before, I write in the transgressive genre, but the following is a list of those genres I prefer, have experience, or otherwise 'get' more easily than others: the more 'controversial' themes, regardless of genre (such as transgressive). Dramatic, darker themes with a purpose. Psychological thriller, suspense drama, Gothic romance, slipstream, SF, and urban fantasy.

Broken down into sub-genre:

[ MYSTERY ]: hard-boiled, police procedural, crime drama, detective fiction.

[ THRILLER ] psychological, political, legal, courtroom drama, technothriller, conspiracy, espionage, paranormal, serial murder.

[ SCIENCE-FICTION ]: cyberpunk, dystopia, hard SF, military SF, space opera, parallel dimensions, alternate-realities, time-travel.

[ ROMANCE ]: paranormal, romantic suspense.

[ HORROR ]: cutting-edge, erotic horror, English Gothic, Lovecraftian, noir, psychological, soft.

[ FANTASY ]: dark fantasy, epic, magical realism, urban fantasy.

... Bear in mind that I'm open to working in any genre, but those are the ones with which I have the most experience, and for which I have personal preference.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Hm. Kinda tricky. I don't refuse work, except in very extreme cases. Those are:

- abusive, violent, incestuous themes that are created on the pure basis of 'shock value' rather than serious literature.

If you're having trouble with making such themes work in a story which requires them, that I can do. But I won't work with authors and material that is just seeking to sicken the audience. As my writing partner (and fellow editor) Jack Nolan says, 'it's easy to nauseate; far more difficult to terrify.' Psychological terror is my bent. I work with sadistic, terrifying, destructive themes and story decisions for the purpose of informing, provoking thought and intellectual dialogue, and to tell darker, more intense stories. I do this tastefully and with discretion and responsibility. There isn't any other way to go about working with otherwise controversial themes that can be 'publisher repellent'. (Check with me to see if you're shooting yourself in the foot by improperly writing with difficult themes.)

Bottom line: if you're just going for shock value, you probably don't want me over your shoulder. I'm very honest, frank, and insistent about contributing to the world of fiction in a positive manner - genres aside. If you're not seeking to tell a story that means something to you, or convey an idea about which you feel passionate - then why are you writing?

That being said, if you're wondering if we might work well together, why not drop me a message? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for your time, and best of luck!

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