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Up and Coming Authors
Need a place to post your Stories? Are you hoping to one day publish something your working so hard to write? Then you are like me! And this is the right place for you! Just let me know, and I will put your story into my community. Thanks!
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Best Action Stories of the Action Catergory
This is the place for the best action stories has to offer.Message me if you wish to become staff. Forums at:
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Action/Adventure Stories for readers and writers.
Stories for people who like action/adventure stories. If you would like your story added or if you would like to join the staff please let me know.
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This community is no longer active. It won't allow me to delete it, so would a staff please do so?
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Welcome Writers and Readers
If you want to be part of the staff or have me add a book, just PM me.
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The Female Assassin
She is the beauty who can take a life as quickly as capture a heart. Ruthless when she wants to be, deadly when she's desirable, and desirable when she's deadly. She's been there throughout history. She is the female assassin...
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Amazing Super Awesome Adventurous Funny But Dramatic Original Stories
This community is for all the stories out there that could make it as original books. It doesn't matter if there is grammar mistakes as long as the storyline is good. (It's the thought that counts)
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The Super-Verse
Once upon a time, superheroes and supervillains clashed on the streets. Then the heroes were systematically assassinated and the villains ran rampant. Now, a new generation of heroes are ready to lead a revolution and bring justice back to the world. Accepting all heroes and villains from other authors.
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It's all about expressing your mind
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Actions in progress or complete
Basically because I clicked on sooo many and no one had anything and I wanted to make something, honestly, as long as you think you have action/adventure in there feel free to ask to post it, I'm all ears :) Oh and if you want to staff ask away :)
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The Blood Bank
If it's bloody, brutal, and gory, it belongs in here. Because, sometimes you just need to let it all hang out.
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A Blow Up In Your Face, Eat Your Heart Out, Wanna Be That Guy Community!
This is a community for all of those writer-reader-skimmers who graze on stories of excitement and exploding action. Put on your reading glasses or even set up your own little installment in this archive because-well-entertainment is life no?
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Greatness in Character
A community based on creating great characters and showing character development. Bring what you can to the table and I'll help you through, or if you just want to enjoy yourself then feel free to try it out.
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To all those who want to write, and be appreciated no matter how many people seen it, then this is your community!
I Smegalmaster, try to help people that feel as left out in their stories as me. I hope to bring joy to their writing by posting their works in a large and kind community such as FictionPress. That is all I can say and I hope you have fun writing.
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Action packed!
Come ye writers who want your story to be read and hope to god someone will read it from here!
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Knight Tales
If you have a story that has anything to do with knights, traditional armor or not, it's definitely welcome in this community! Just PM me and I'll add it. Also let me know if you want to be added to the staff.
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