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Writing Tip Essay Group
This is a group of helpful writing and general fictionpress tip essays. Please read if you want to find an essay about writing and its functions. Also, please tell me if you use this, I'd love to know I'm helpful. :P
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Collected Essays on Modern Social and Political Topics
An anthology of the best essays about modern social and political matters. I will include essays from both sides of the issue, as long as they are of high enough quality. If you have read an essay that fits in this community, email me with it.
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Elite Essays for the Endearing Hearts
Oh, please. Do you HONESTLY think gooey romance or deep poems are the only good things in literature? Open your mind; broaden your horizons! You never know what you might find.
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Can't Delete
I want to delete this but I don't know how. Move along.
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The Pinnacles of Excellence
This C2 Community, eventually comprising several of the most lasting and prominent essay writers, should focus on finding the best, most rewarding essays.
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Fictionpress History
These essays have had a lasting influence on the Essay section, even though they aren't elite.
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