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Lesbian Ladywolves: Tales and Tails
A collection of F/F werewolf fiction. (Previously The Shoujo-Ai Collection. It wouldn't let me delete this and start over, sorry.) Feel free to drop me (Tah the Trickster) a line if you've read or written a story that you think should be in here!
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... What the heck?
All right, so this forum doesn't really have a description. What can I say?
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Recognition Deserved!
I've noticed a lot of General stories don't get a lot of reviews. This is for those who should! Please review! Also, I need staff and/or stories, so message me!
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who we are: a collection of pillow books
my friend started a c2, but i've found like five more so i wanted to add them now. so. a pillow book is a journal (basically) of people's thoughts and dreams. anything goes in here. please check them out.
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The Short Ones
This is dedicated to the short meaningful oneshots out there. Personally, those are my favorites! Also, I love you 'Kota! And Lizzie!
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um will edit this when I think of something ^_^UU
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The Word Shaking Writer's Circle
A circle for the group of writers based in Sydney, Australia. Meeting fortnightly, the writing circle is a community for shared creative thinking, writing support, constructive feedback and social activities with peers.
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Creative Writing
If you love to write, then this is a community to join. Creative writing is a place where to be spontaneous and creative when you write. Come and Join.
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Emergency Alert System: Apocalypse
This community is for the stories of the(pre/present/post) apocalypse. Causes from anything like war, pandemics, and just plain, old failure. Have or know a story? Let me know and I'll put it in the community.
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All Welcome
All Welcome. I am not sure what Community is for, but I want to do a collaboration!
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A place to post flash fiction/web serials!
I'm trying to get more of my work out there, and I don't tend to write in a specific genre so I thought "general" would be an okay place to share! If you're writing is kinda all over the place like mine, feel free to share your stuff!
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Animal And Xenofiction Stories
Here are some of the best animal stories I've read so far on FictionPress. Got any other suggestions?
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¡Escribimos Thriller/Ciencia ficción/Fantasía/Suspenso/Misterio y en español!
Comunidad para escritores latinos e hispanos dedicados a estos géneros. Podemos conocernos, presentar nuestro trabajo, discutir sobre posibles publicaciones, etc. ¡Entren ya!
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