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The Brother's War.
The years 1861-1865 are perhaps some of the worst, most bloody years in American history. Brothers fighting brothers, fathers fighting sons, cousins against cousins, friends against friends. The War touched every household, every family, every person. These are their stories. Completed stories only. If the story takes place during the American Civil War and is well written and good, it's here. If you have a story you feel will fit here, please PM me and send me the story.
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Russian Empire/Soviet Union
Russia is a country with a very rich history, and it has gone through many different eras. Any stories set during the times of the Russian Empire or Soviet Union are welcome. :)
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Warriors of the Great Plains
Stories that show Native Americans in a good light, and not as murdering savages.
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Regency/Victorian/Edwardian Romances
Where you can find well written romances set from 1801-1914. I will add those I have read, but if you have some you wish to be added, or think your own work should be here email me and it will (most likely) be added.
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Tudor Stories
For all stories incompassing the marvelous charatcers of the Tudor period. Mainly focusing on Henry VIII, his many wives, and children.
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