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This is for people who are fascinated with mythology. Staff needed!
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All the Other Mythologies
This is for people who want to read Mythology fics that aren't Greek or Roman. In other words it's Norse, Egyptian, Hindu, etc.
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Tales of Asgard
Anything related to Norse Mythology can go here. If you see/have a story you think belongs here or are interested in becoming a staff member, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.
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All about Greek Mythology
This is all sort of "Greek Mythology" stories that contains in this community. Will it be a story of Persephone with her mother? Will it a be K+ story? All sorts of rated and genres of stories of greek mythology will be in this. You are welcome to give me a story suggestion (or more if you like).
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The Olympian Council
This Community is for all stories that concern any Greek or Roman mythology. If you are interested in joining, I am just a PM away.
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Hades and Persephone
Like the title saids, stories about Hades and Persephone. If you have another pairing I might put it up.
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God-like Saga
These stories are the hidden truth of the gods. Ares, Thor, Set, Alleh and the others as we know them from their myths are different from the truth. One lone teenager, rebellious and having strange gifts, must now journey to save the domains from a new threat, two rebirths that will create the third great god war.
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Spring & Death
All things Hades & Persephone. Please PM me any suggestions.
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Mythology: The Best Of
Some of the most wellwritten and creative stories from the Mythology section can be found here.
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The Shelby Chronicles
These are the books of Shelby Sparks, slayer of gods and monsters, myths and legends. She belongs to a world where mythology and folklore are reality, and the nightmares that haunt our minds are real. These are her stories.
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Modern Day Greek God/Half Blood Stories
Stories about Half Bloods and Gods in the modern day, such as summer camp, school, blending in with mortals, etc. Includes stories like my new series: Half Blood Academy. (Greek Mythology)
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Cool Stories xD
Hm...basically just stuff that I read, so this C2 will be having Greek Mythology and whatever...yeah...
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