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..Your FaiThFuL ReadEr..
Basically this is just a C2 tO acknowledge all of the stories that I've read and to be remembered...sO, iF yOu have the time., please check them out!hehe thnx..:P
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I, personally, cant stand suspense and waiting for a story to be finished. plus, it KILLS me when someone discontinues their story. So, enjoy the selection i've created here, and feel free to email me and recommend some awesome COMPLETED romance stories!
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Fleeting Fascination
Original, *short* romances, both fiction and poetry. Nothing over 1000 words. Good, thoughtful narratives. If you have something of your own you want to add, or can suggest a piece, please PM me.
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Werewolves, Vampires, Hybrids, Lycans, Shape-Shifters, as well as Demons and creatures of the night. Books filled with Love, Lust, Romance, Action, and tons of Sexy beasts.
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Romance for Romance's Sake
A list of some of my favorite and recommended romance stories found on fiction press.
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Story lovers : For all those who love romance and much, much more!
Come on by and tell us all about the amazing stories you've written or read, so we can all drop by and see if it's true or not! You can even tell us about you're own stories and yourself, and if you do, you may recieve loads of support from all of us! So dont be shy and come on by, and tell us all about the juicy news!
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It's a slashy world
I just figured what makes me happy, makes you happy.So, SLASH it is....
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The Best of Oneshots
Here, in this very community, are the best oneshots I have stumbled upon on this site. Click here if you want your fill of Romance!
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Fantasy Romance Addicts
Looking for an awesome new read? Well, if you're into romance with a fantastical twist, then come on in! Be you a simple connoisseur of fine reads or an aspiring writer, FRA is the place to be.
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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover-Or Its Summary
These are those good stories that keep you hooked. Heaps of types in here. PM me if you have any suggestions.
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Nothing But the Best
The best romances out there, at least in my humble opinion. This has all the romantic stories that make those butterflies flutter. Mostly complete, some incomplete, a few one-shots, but all awesome.
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Sports Slash
Epic win. Any and all slash relating to any and all sports. Because I'm just a freak like that.
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Romantic Stories
It's all kinds of romance. Yaoi, Yuri, etc. It's gotta have okay grammar, though. It's kinda annoying reading a story that has a lot of typos so that you can barely understand it. Fluff is appreciated, romance is a necessity, and it can be In-Progress or Complete. Just make sure you have at least 2 updates per month.
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Emily's Favorite Gay Smut!
Welcome to my favorite gay smut. A few warnings: It's yaoi, MxM, boys only (sorry lezzy-lovers); most of it is Rated M and does have sexual content; also some may contain other material not suitable for every one such as (but not limited to): horror, murder, rape, incest, shota, and more-please see individual story summaries for more warnings. Enjoy ;) If you want to contribute, PM me!
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Love is not about being jealous
Stories in which the lead characters doesn't need to become jealous to understand their love for each other. (suggestions please?)
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NonClich├ęd Romance that include Badasses, Rebels, and of course Goths!
NonClich├ęd Romance including Badasses, Rebels, and of course Goths!
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Underrated Cliches
Sick of seeing the same stories on romance communities? Here are some cute, sweet, fluffy, light read, make-you-smile, awesome cliches that don't necessarily have the most reviews. Frequently updated/complete oneshot/multi-chapter stories. ALWAYS OPEN for SUGGESTIONS/STAFF! Enjoy :)
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Stories I've Read (Romance)
Lotsa M/M guys, also mature sthuff :3
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Quirkiest Romantic Comedies
You know those stories. The ones with the original characters. The ones with hilarious chapters. The ones with the hotties. Yeah, this community hopes to encompass all of them.
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She Who Mars the Skin of Gods
This is a collection of my short stories featuring my two nameless characters. Credit goes to Protest the Hero for the community title. Certain sentiments in that song are best able to describe the way the two feel for each other.
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Guy Love
I believe there's nothing more beautiful (or sexier) than friendship between two guys. And I also believe that when relationships form in between them, that's always the core. The masculine bond. And so, I write stories that express this. That show that there's no need for crazy, hurtful drama, crying jealousy in love stories. That the hot guy doesn't always have to be an asshole. That healthy and playful is also fucking sexy, specially because that's exactly how those wonderful perversions should be lived.
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Juss sUm stories
Stories that I'm reading... and my favorites!
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Beyond High School
High school stories and high school cliches are great. Fantastic. But for everyone above that age, you get to the point that you feel about a thousand years old reading them. Here is a community for decent stories of college-level characters and upward.
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Amazing and Complete Romace Stories
You know those stories where you really get into it and then find out it's been discontinued or the person's a slow updater? Well, no need to worry now! Just get comfortable and get ready to binge read. (Staff needed. If you want your story here, PM me.)
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If You Show Me Yours I'll Show You Mine. (Story Review)
A community for people who want reviews and typically have material containing...well more than just a sexual innuendo. Send me the name of your story and I will review it. But in turn you have to review one of my stories. I want only serious reviews since I plan to review seriously.
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