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Nature's True Beauty
"So many words to describe our world, almost impossible to completely unfurl. It's shown through the nature and beauty see, every creature or thing we can spot able to be free. Life is so short and the world is forever, meaning if we write all things can be together. In a universe so plastic- how about we keep it classic." - Moonlight, Founder
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Anything about animals, nature, etc.
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Nature's Wrath
Everyone knows that nature isn't always pretty.Tsunamis,hurricanes,tornados,even rain,can be devastating.This is the place to read about the destructive side of nature.(Currently looking for staff)
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Nature's Bounty
Welcome Nature Lovers! This is the place for poems about the beauty of nature in it's many shapes and forms because this is the best of all the nature poems that I have read so far. If anyone was anything to add let me know ...
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Extraordinary Animals
Poetry full of the amazing attributes of unique animals.
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