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To bear arms against or with thee
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Stories that at least involves Zombies, Vampires, Mutanted animals, Ghosts, etc, etc. that are against each other or fighting as allies(No Yaoi allowed!) I will read the stories first then ask for permission or let you know that i add it in here. If you have a story that you want add in here, just message me and let me know what the story is called.

Operation: Andromeda by Derek Jensen reviews
A new sensation has hit Los Angeles. A former nobody turned superstar named Andromeda takes the City of Angels by storm. However, she harbors a secret, one with ties that cannot be reversed. In order to right this wrong, the Order of Magdalene sends in one of its best Slayers. One who save the maiden from the dark monster about to consume her-or die trying.
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Wizard Book 2: God Slayer by Sacron reviews
After the events of the first book, Anton Blackstar is trying to live a peaceful life. However, he is soon recruited by the Norse gods into helping defend Asgard. A united force of monsters and gods is attacking Asgard, wishing to take it over. Leading them is the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate. Anton must find a way to kill three gods in order to help keep Asgard safe...
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Wizard Book 1: Target by Sacron reviews
Anton Blackstar is a wizard living in modern day Maine. He has a peaceful life, but finds himself targeted by the Aztec god of death, Mictlantecuhtli. Anton soon find himself fighting against the god in order to save himself and his town.
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Starlight Apocalypse by BlueFantasy64 reviews
My mind start progressing what she was saying. Getting into a sitting position I started remembering. "What is happening outside?" The lady looked at me, "The start of a war once you five members accept it."
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