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The MASTER Tournament RP
The RP version of the yet-to-be-posted story. An interdimensional fighting tournament with several different kinds of competitors, from regular, magical, technological, etc. THIS FORUM IS NOT DEAD. I WILL MAKE SURE IT STAYS ACTIVE.
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The Best Action Stories Forums
This forum is for the readers of The Best Action Stories archive
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Teen Force
Welcome to the City of Bridgeport, as crime runs rampant will you work to put an end to it or join in on the This world is super-power oriented but not Stop on by and make a character, this RP is still open for anyone to join!
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Medieval War
What kind of battles work really well? How do you write war scenes? Ancient tactics, weapons, among anything else you could want! Share tips and ideas.
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This Means War! RPG
Over the years, we have all played first-person shooter games, like COD 4&6. Now, it's the writer's turn. Pull on your bulletproof vest, and grab you're M-10. It's party time.
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RP Supers
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Futuristic Combat
I'm writing a fic that takes place in 2030, whose main characters are special ops soldiers, and need some advice as how to write fight scenes that involve guns and explosives. Any advice?
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Okay, who hasn't wanted to have superpowers at one point of their lives? Join in this roleplay about a world where superheros- or supervillians- are a common sight. Filed under action because I honestly don't know where else to put it.
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Hunger Games
Welcome to the 76th annual Hunger Games, one will rise above the others victorious. May the best tribute win!
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New Dangers LOTR RPG
There is a new evil in MIddle Earth, and she is the daughter of the dying Arwen and Aragorn. All of the original members of the fellowship are under her spell and are completely useless. Who will save Middle Earth now?
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Xetera Academy for Special Agents
Xetera School for SA is also known as a school for spies or the elite. Mystery, adventure, and romance possibly await you behind the school's front doors.
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Eridu United
An original shared universe! Roleplay on Earth and beyond as you seek high adventure in a modern day world filled to the brim with fantasy and super-science alike!
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Spy Forum: The Hunter Team vs Machiavelli Society
Are you a member of an elite government organization Hunter or a ruthless terrorist Mach. Society ? Pick a side or play on both, and let the intrigue ensue! Please check rules first
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Make A Superhero or Supervillain
I'm working on a story called, Calling All Heroes and I would like some other heroes to join the team as reserves and some villains to join as a rouge gallery. I can't promise anything, but I would find it interesting to see what other people can create.
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Video Game Based Action Stories
Discuss video game like stories revolving around action.
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Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds End
What would happen if Elizabeth never betrayed Jack and left him for the Kraken? What if she went down with Jack?What if Jack and Elizabeth get together in spite of will?What if will never seen the kiss?
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A Somewhat Insane Forum
A forum about my story Somewhat Insane for anyone who enjoys the story or may be interested in reading it.
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Looking For Dedicated Readers and Writers
I'm looking for some people who would be willing to read and review my novel to the end and in return, I will read and review your novel until the end. It's a win-win relationship.
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WWZ: Apocalypse
Zombies have taken over Dogg's Holdout. You, along with the rest of the civilians, must fight back to protect what is yours. RP and OC's only. Also, I keep finding dead forums. This one won't die, I swear.
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Merlin's Heirs
The wizard Merlin has passed into the Great Beyond, leaving behind only his heirs and his staff. A great battle will ensue between the Heirs, as they search for the legendary staff of Merlin, hidden somewhere in the Kingdom. Will you find it, making you t
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King of Chaos
A Private RP between myself and Bee Bear
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The Serious Series of Domino Pages
A private roleplay. Only those invited may participate. Topics of roleplaying range from anything to everything. You're welcome to view but please refrain from posting.
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The Wasteland RP
An RP about the New American wasteland. A place of crime, corruption, and blood. The world is controlled by the Daemon organization, they are fighting the revolutionary group the Angeli. You choose who side your on. Or not. It's a big evil wasteland, you're apart of it.
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The World
Welcome to the Earth. Here, in a very far-off corner of the Universe, you reside. You are human. And you are about to start an epic journey in which you must overcome life's greatest problems. Welcome to the World. Good luck.
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What would happen if the characters in your story
What would happen if the characters in your story........got stuck on an island? Challenged Chuck Norris to a fight? Got drunk? Nothing is safe.............
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