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Great Arthors of Fictionpress!
A place to chill out, talk, there is an RP, a place to talk about how much we all hate/love typo's FYI all titles will involve at least one typo :D and a place to pass stories around to get reviews, views, criticize and critique. Keep it clean, keep it nice and have fun!
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Here is a place that is Unknown. You have been sent here for the Unknown. What you did, you guessed it. Unknown. I'm sure your different like us...People like us...they make sure we stay Unknown. Will you fight with us? Will you become Known? *More Detail Inside*
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There are many rules in the tribe. Share with everyone. Don't speak to exiles. And children ages 12 to 16 are not permitted to live within the tribe's lands. Once a month, children approaching 12 are taken to an island well off shore, and those recently reaching 17 are brought back. The island is wild and dangerous. After losing your home and family, can you survive long enough to return an official member of your tribe, or will the wilds claim you?
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A Very POWerful Roleplay!
A powerful roleplay unlike any other! Heroes, Villains, everything in between! Bring them, all of them! Help form what will be forever known as the greatest team of superheroes or the most notorious gang of villains the world has ever known! [Submitions almost always accepted, i check my forums often, so post whenever you can!]
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Restless City
In the middle of the busting city, a secret war has started between the most fantastic and oddest of beings: Immortals. With their secrets treating to be spilled, it is now that they chose to take action- before their calm lifestyle is ruined by their own companions. Are you one of them? Or just another opportunist?
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Favorite Action Movie
come here to talk about your favorite action movie!
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The MASTER Tournament RP
The RP version of the yet-to-be-posted story. An interdimensional fighting tournament with several different kinds of competitors, from regular, magical, technological, etc. THIS FORUM IS NOT DEAD. I WILL MAKE SURE IT STAYS ACTIVE.
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The Best Action Stories Forums
This forum is for the readers of The Best Action Stories archive
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The WF&L Multiverse
A private RP for me and some friends. If you really want to join though, just PM me.
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Slaves of the Felines
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Medieval War
What kind of battles work really well? How do you write war scenes? Ancient tactics, weapons, among anything else you could want! Share tips and ideas.
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Assassin RPG
Create your assassin and send them on missions. Anything and everything is possible. You can also add a fantasy or si-fi twist if you wish to!
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This Means War! RPG
Over the years, we have all played first-person shooter games, like COD 4&6. Now, it's the writer's turn. Pull on your bulletproof vest, and grab you're M-10. It's party time.
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RP Supers
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Futuristic Combat
I'm writing a fic that takes place in 2030, whose main characters are special ops soldiers, and need some advice as how to write fight scenes that involve guns and explosives. Any advice?
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Life of Survival
Five lands, five different biomes, all with different resources, life, and weather. And you wake up smack dab in the middle. There are vicious animals everywhere, mysterious Creatures roaming, and you're seemingly alone. Will you survive? Beat the environment? And potentially find others like you, lost, confused, but yet reliable and able to survive? Find out here, and may you live out your days...(ACTIVE!)
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Okay, who hasn't wanted to have superpowers at one point of their lives? Join in this roleplay about a world where superheros- or supervillians- are a common sight. Filed under action because I honestly don't know where else to put it.
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Hunger Games
Welcome to the 76th annual Hunger Games, one will rise above the others victorious. May the best tribute win!
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New Dangers LOTR RPG
There is a new evil in MIddle Earth, and she is the daughter of the dying Arwen and Aragorn. All of the original members of the fellowship are under her spell and are completely useless. Who will save Middle Earth now?
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Xetera Academy for Special Agents
Xetera School for SA is also known as a school for spies or the elite. Mystery, adventure, and romance possibly await you behind the school's front doors.
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This world is full of amazing creatures and people. Come in an join! (Active 2018)
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Make A Superhero or Supervillain
I'm working on a story called, Calling All Heroes and I would like some other heroes to join the team as reserves and some villains to join as a rouge gallery. I can't promise anything, but I would find it interesting to see what other people can create.
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Spy Forum: The Hunter Team vs Machiavelli Society
Are you a member of an elite government organization Hunter or a ruthless terrorist Mach. Society ? Pick a side or play on both, and let the intrigue ensue! Please check rules first
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Video Game Based Action Stories
Discuss video game like stories revolving around action.
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Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds End
What would happen if Elizabeth never betrayed Jack and left him for the Kraken? What if she went down with Jack?What if Jack and Elizabeth get together in spite of will?What if will never seen the kiss?
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 4 - Since: 07-14-07 - Admin: Papilio Domina
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