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Knights of the realm RPG
Ok here's how it's gonna work get your friends to form a team or just make a whole new team with random people but you could just play by yourself but I'm gonna post challenges and you guys try do them in an RPG style way like loot drops not entirely sure
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Zombies Everywhere Secuela
Bueno si has leido Zombies Everywhere por favor informamelo por aqui y si quieres deja una critica sea positiva o negativa y tambien por aqui les avisare cuando salgan los siguientes capitulos y la proxima historia Zombies Everywhere II ya estoy trabajando en ello.
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The Death Trials
If you have read my story The Death Trials, this is the place to disscus it; good stuff, bad stuff, what will happen next!
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Well, it's just like the website. Same owner, same story, same war.. different characters. different people.
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The Most Original Roleplay Forum on Fictionpress :p
Just a place to play around with fun characters
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Children of Eden
A new generation of Zodiac members have arrived. The Children Of Eden, a police force that found it's roots in Japan and quickly spread to the rest of the world. Young men and women were recruited into the program, raised to be the best fighters they could possibly be. After fighting a long and bloody war, they brought the world back from demise. Now, they are going up against the world's villains, and for everyone, fighting to win.
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