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My Graphic Novel, let me know what you think
The Devil’s Horn is a lawless territory set in a world where gunslingers rule. The story is about a legendary gunman, William Devlin aka Billy Devil, gathering a group of gunfighters to participate in his gunslinger tournament. He lures them all to h
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Under The Black Sky
Under the black sky, humans are almost non-existant. The few that do live run in terror everyday of their lives from the Vampire Empire and from the Werewolf Confederacy. Can you survive in this world?
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How To: Action Stories!
Get help from others. Ask what you should name a character or how you should keep your story going. What should happen next. Or tell about a story of yours and how its going. Even tell about the stories you have done that involve action and how you think
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Miranda's Adventure Story Corner
Since I joined, I had 3 stories presented in the "Miranda's Adventure" series "Miranda's Adventure 1", "Miranda's Adventure: RR", & "Miranda's Adventure 2". I thought maybe I want their opinions about the stories and such chapters. And more...
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For those who want to give me ideas, provide feedback, or just want to know about Sol and his universe, this is the place for you
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Role Play
This is where yucan roleplay using your Ocs. Not just the ones fom stories, the oned from Fanfictions as well
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Ready? Set? Action
What are some great action books you've read! Show world your favorites!
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Knights of the realm RPG
Ok here's how it's gonna work get your friends to form a team or just make a whole new team with random people but you could just play by yourself but I'm gonna post challenges and you guys try do them in an RPG style way like loot drops not entirely sure
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Zombies Everywhere Secuela
Bueno si has leido Zombies Everywhere por favor informamelo por aqui y si quieres deja una critica sea positiva o negativa y tambien por aqui les avisare cuando salgan los siguientes capitulos y la proxima historia Zombies Everywhere II ya estoy trabajando en ello.
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The Death Trials
If you have read my story The Death Trials, this is the place to disscus it; good stuff, bad stuff, what will happen next!
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과천오피 바로가기 - 구글검색창에 "오피오피걸" opopgirl01 . com 어른들만의 유흥문화 놀이터 오피,건마, 안마, 휴게텔, 핸플, 립카페, 키스방, 풀싸롱 최신정보 전국의 모든업소정리가 잘되있고 다양한 할인혜택과 이벤트, 최신오피부터 프리미엄오피걸실사,후기가 보기쉽게 정리되있습니다. 발기찬 밤 "오피오피걸" 찾아주세요
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