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Specialist Academy
Welcome to SG-11: Specialist Academy under the organization S.I.S.A. Come and learn, practice shooting, and complete your missions! [Note: If you want a new topic, please PM me] (Based on my story: SG-17)
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Wolf Battle Arena
Create a wolfish partner and battle! Chat, hang, challenge, but stay safe!
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Once Upon A Time (Fairy Tales Revamped)
Inspired by the Once Upon A Time show. Ever wondered what would happen if one of those famous fairy tale characters made a drastically different decision? Like Cinderella deciding to marry the Prince's brother instead? Well, here's your chance. Pick any fairy tale character, start the story as usual, and see where it takes you. Who knows, the outcome may be totally different.
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Teen Force
Welcome to the City of Bridgeport, as crime runs rampant will you work to put an end to it or join in on the This world is super-power oriented but not Stop on by and make a character, this RP is still open for anyone to join!
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Eridu United
An original shared universe! Roleplay on Earth and beyond as you seek high adventure in a modern day world filled to the brim with fantasy and super-science alike!
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King of Chaos
A Private RP between myself and Bee Bear
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Super Hero Rp
Become an Original Super Hero or Super Vilian in this Rp.. always open.
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Well, it's just like the website. Same owner, same story, same war.. different characters. different people.
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The Most Original Roleplay Forum on Fictionpress :p
Just a place to play around with fun characters
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Children of Eden
A new generation of Zodiac members have arrived. The Children Of Eden, a police force that found it's roots in Japan and quickly spread to the rest of the world. Young men and women were recruited into the program, raised to be the best fighters they could possibly be. After fighting a long and bloody war, they brought the world back from demise. Now, they are going up against the world's villains, and for everyone, fighting to win.
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