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Clash of the Dominions
Join one of the dominions and fight for your own against warriors and mages of other dominions. Among them are the five major dominions of Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Energy, each with two subdominions including Sound, Toxins, Ice, Blood, Steel, Sand, Electricity, Smoke, Light, and Shadow.
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On this forum, most are humans, but there are those who are not hardly human at all, and those who don't quite act human. Have a completely inhuman character, or a character whom was once truly human. (Open to everyone. We need new members.)
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This Realm of adventure has faced a long and bloody war. It has recently begun to recover but peace is hard to uphold and is now at the risk of returning to its terrible history of bloodshed. Now only you heroes and heroins can help bring peace. Or if you so wish more death and destruction. The choice is yours.
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Exoverse: Worlds of Power
A Sci-fi/Fantasy Action RP where just about ANYTHING can happen. Magic, Time Travel, Space battles, you name it! (See Rules inside)
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Wolf Battle Arena
Create a wolfish partner and battle! Chat, hang, challenge, but stay safe!
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Once Upon A Time (Fairy Tales Revamped)
Inspired by the Once Upon A Time show. Ever wondered what would happen if one of those famous fairy tale characters made a drastically different decision? Like Cinderella deciding to marry the Prince's brother instead? Well, here's your chance. Pick any fairy tale character, start the story as usual, and see where it takes you. Who knows, the outcome may be totally different.
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Life of Survival
Five lands, five different biomes, all with different resources, life, and weather. And you wake up smack dab in the middle. There are vicious animals everywhere, mysterious Creatures roaming, and you're seemingly alone. Will you survive? Beat the environment? And potentially find others like you, lost, confused, but yet reliable and able to survive? Find out here, and may you live out your days...(ACTIVE!)
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King of Chaos
A Private RP between myself and Bee Bear
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Basic Probational Assistance Program
Join the other teen super heroes of the BPAP as they embark on their journey to become full-fledged super heroes and members of the elite superhero organization Savior Corps. Create your own super hero, or even a super villain, or just come to chat!
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The Most Original Roleplay Forum on Fictionpress :p
Just a place to play around with fun characters
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The City of Freedom
This city is dying, crime is rampant, and no one seems to stand up for justice anymore. Will you be the hero who can save us? Or will you add to the chaos and unleash villainous plans for world domination? The choice is yours, and your imagination is the limit!
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Gone Rogue
Rogue Nexus is a warlock gone rogue. The other wizards want to take him down but they do not know how. They must work together, but mages and warlocks have never been friends. Come and RP as a mage, warlock, or canon character. Based on a book idea I have
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Restless City
In the middle of the busting city, a secret war has started between the most fantastic and oddest of beings: Immortals. With their secrets treating to be spilled, it is now that they chose to take action- before their calm lifestyle is ruined by their own companions. Are you one of them? Or just another opportunist?
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Super Hero Rp
Become an Original Super Hero or Super Vilian in this Rp.. always open.
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The Houses
The four kingdoms are lands of wonder. Where people are either born noble or peasant. With twisted peole, laws, expections, wars and alliances. Can you survive the world where humanity is a myth?
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