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The Land of Flames
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A place for opinionated people. Nobody to judge your opinions. Who knows, maybe people have the same feelings about it.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 427 - Since: 09-01-11 - Admin: Unpredictable Convictions
Opinions and Polls
Rants, editorials and polls of the public pulse. Writing, Fiction Press, life, Aaron Sorkin, John leCarre; very possibly gardens will be mentioned.
English - Topics: 51 - Posts: 117 - Since: 11-12-13 - Admin: Lynn K. Hollander
About FictionPress: Peer Help for New Users
Stuff I learned and may be useful to you. This is an unofficial forum. I have no other way to contact the admins besides the same Help link in the corner. In fact, the absence of any response from the admin is what prompted me to create this forum.
English - Topics: 16 - Posts: 106 - Since: 01-28-10 - Admin: taerkitty
The Typewriter Agora
This is like a shooting range for ideas! Those joining into the koinan may want to praise me about how much my personal website rules, and about how I stole fire from Mr Flames to create the internet.
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I claim the essay forum in the name of Radyn
because it's always nice being the first
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Science Fiction For Dummies: The Forum
The most read science fiction and fantasy writing column on the site now has a forum! Want feedback on an idea? Want to flesh out a story concept? Want to rant at the author? This is the place to do it! Dummy or not, welcome!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 16 - Since: 12-29-07 - Admin: Jave Harron
Fo Reel
A forum narcissistically dedicated to tangents inspired by reviews of my essays, so I never have to post a 'response to reviews' chapter again, EVER. Feel free to post new topics if you want but please keep them relevant to forum's broader purpose.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 8 - Since: 10-22-06 - Admin: No Trust
No Nepotism
For people with too much spare time who haven't known each other for years. We're all strangers here.
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 2 - Since: 11-01-06 - Admin: jimgoo
Le Loup d'Argent, votre récit
Cette histoire est un essai, fait avec grâce aux comentaires des lecteurs. VOUS êtes le personnage central, VOUS faites évoluer l'histoire. Bienvenue dans cette taverne nommée "Le Loup d'Argent".
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OPOPGIRL01 화성오피 화성안마 화성건마 화성휴키스방 화성립카페 화성휴게텔
화성오피 바로가기 - 구글검색창에 "오피오피걸" opopgirl01 . com 어른들만의 유흥문화 놀이터 오피,건마, 안마, 휴게텔, 핸플, 립카페, 키스방, 풀싸롱 최신정보 전국의 모든업소정리가 잘되있고 다양한 할인혜택과 이벤트, 최신오피부터 프리미엄오피걸실사,후기가 보기쉽게 정리되있습니다. 발기찬 밤 "오피오피걸" 찾아주세요
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