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Aphelion and Perihelion
This is a school.. where all the bad kids are sent. It is not meant to be enjoyed, everyone's here because for something either they or someone else did. We will take you from the trash you were born as into a benefit to society.. this is after all a place of discipline, and we guarantee, your troublemaker will never be a pain again.
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Ninja Training Academy
Have you ever wanted to be a ninja? Do flips, fight people, all that good stuff? Come inside, create a character, and let the ninja awesomeness begin!
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Magic-based fighters known as Practitioners have been waging territorial war on each other for centuries. Yet a cursed tradition runs through the histories of the Four Guilds of Eden where one in a million children born is an infamous Weaver, the one who alters reality by methods beyond the world's understanding. As the history foretells the tale of each one upsetting the balance of the Guilds, Witch Hunts are held to find and execute such existence. Needless to say, you are such a Weaver. What's your fate?
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Fairy Tale Forum
Come here to talk about fairy tales and fables and legends or play fairies, elves, mermaids, or ghosts or goblins.
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The Storyteller's Staff
You can learn a lot about a culture by the stories they tell and pass on. This is a place to discuss all things fable, ones you enjoyed as a child, different traditions of storytelling from around the world, common patterns, and how to write them.
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Every Tale Needs a Name
Looking for a name to a new tale and need advice on what to do, any help provided would be greatly appreciated!
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Fantasy As Far As The Eyes Can Read!
For all those who love fantasy/fable like I do than come and join me. There is much to discuss...lol
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Warped Reflections
Journey down our strange little rabbit's hole and land yourself in the land of Andros where war has swollowed the land, and cost the countries of Santina and Plarius dearly while Etania and Malania are still at each others throats!
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