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The Character House
This is a place to post your characters and get feedback and advice.
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THe Priory of Balrogs
The Ultimate Fantasy FanWriter Forum
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the point
Come and discuss the works by the author: the point. Namely the "Nocte Yin" series... which is all she has.
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The Dark Lands
The Dark Lands. A terrifying world filled with magical beings trying to survive against Morok and his minions. Create a character and join your friends in trying to hold out against evil!
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Dark Age: A Nation RolePlay
Exactly what it says on the tin.
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Fantasy Friends
For those who love Fantasy stories Like for example the Harry Potter series but don't want to RP! Come on in, share your stories and make some new friends!
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Derath Pack lands
The legendary pack lands of the winged wolves... Feel free to visit with the characters from my story! They love to have visitors and are quite talkative. Feel free to ask questions and there's a role playing section for all the adventurous types.
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Advertise here! Not to promote your own stories, but for STORIES YOU WANT TO READ. Details on the inside.
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Story Idea Bank
Have ideas you aren't going to use? Don't mind if others use them? Want help or need ideas for something you're writing? Post it all here! [Yes I know that is kinda cheesy but hey, something needs to go here...]
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Land of Sterling RPG
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The School for magical arts
This is where you can be any magical thing you want a wizard witch even fairy's and anything you can think of. RPG
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Fantasy Humor?
Anybody read any good Fantasies that have humor in them? Either on this site or elsewhere, published or otherwise? I don't mean complete parodies, but a subtle sense of humor can go a long way.
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Western DnD
DnD type fantasy world in a Western era setting.
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The Aether
Welcome to the Aether. It is a space beyond space, a time with no time. It is the land of dreams and fantasies, reality and impossibility. You and your characters are welcome here, in the world with no definite form. ACTIVE AS OF 11/14
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The Tavern
A place for Role Players to kick up thier characters feet and relax by the fireside or adventure a little.
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The Sojourner
Audience-Driven Narrative. What was supposed to be an average afternoon in the city turned into her world and everything in it becoming something completely different and unknown. And if she can survive long enough to uncover its secrets, what destiny awaits her?
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fantasy creatures
there are many types of creatures. some that you made up. some that you all ready know about.
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Fantasy Chronicle Worlds
Place where legends thrive and tales of great hero's can be come the next myth and lore. There's an infinite amount of possibilities and worlds. Instead of having to read a story, why not be a part of one, full of adventure, courage, and many magic!
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Circle of Eight
Let the magic begin!
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Four Clans of cats live in a large forest in Texas; RueClan, DuskClan, RockClan, and SandClan. Their neibohors with packs of foxes, dogs, and wolves. There is also city gangs. When a dark prophecy is given to the medic cats of the cat Clans, the world they know it is at risk of falling to darkness. Can it be stopped in time?
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La Taverne de Freithnen
Pour les lecteurs de l'Etoile Double... Soyez les bienvenus !
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Writing Fantasy : Fantastical Writing
From the beginning of time to fifty years from now or anything in between. It doesn't matter where your fantasy takes place, this is the place to come for support, collaboration, critique, and other chaotic writer type things that are always in the way.
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Fantasy Writers
This forum is for any fiction writers so long as they have an open mind and a fun imagination...
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The City of Magical Madness
The city filled with powerful people. Insane powerful people. General Otherworldly Insanity welcome. No sane characters! Sanity in writers acceptable, but not prefered XD
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What do you think of
Click here if you want to know what others think of things... Like cliches, Marysues, and what originality really means.
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