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Ye Olde Fantastical Fantasy RP!
Do you love fantasy as much as me ie, A whole fudging lot? and just want a place for RPing and chatting about fantasy? This place is for the olde fantasy geeks!
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Fantasy RP
Welcome to the world of magic,and fantasy!Come and RP as your own OC!Don't be afraid!
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Moonshire Heights RPG
A house full of mythical cratures who come to live peacefully!Come and enter Moonshire Heights!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 14 - Since: 08-08-09 - Admin: Venus and Aphrodite
Twisted Universe
A universe where anything can happen, where magic and science collide and where you are the creator...
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Valley of the Wolves
Deep in the valley live packs of wolves, striving to survive. The valley flows into sections from the luscious forest to the bubbling stream to the open fields. Come inside and join a pack or make your own...
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For Fiction's Sake
Hey! You! With the face! Yes you! Do you want to join an awesome, amazing fantasy forum with Roleplays, plot discussions, cool people, help and other awesome things? Then you can join! But only if you have a face!
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Stories & Plots that Interest
What type of stories grab your interest? What type of plots do you like? The Mysterious kind when there's a secret? Fantasy with elves and magick? Action and Adventure when people kick butt? Romance with fluff? Come and discuss what you like!
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Art in Fantasy : Fantasy in Art
A forum for people who want to: talk about art, showcase their fantasy art, ask artistic questions, request commisions for artwork, accept commisions for artwork, and generally do fantasy artsystuff. Welcome!
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Mensen waren gemeenschap: The Were peoples RPG
An RPG Forum dedicated to Wer things, be them Wolves or Cats, maybe a Wereagle tickles your fancy! Register you characters here and lets just have a good time!
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ActionFantasy RP
A/F RP anything you'd like, but with the main focus: Action and/or Fantasy of course! Feel free to create your own RP and let your imaginations play out. Enjoy!
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Nivian Tales
This forum is for the discussion of my tales of Niva AKA the Demonlord and Magess
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My World
This forum will hopefully keep all informed of my progress. Now, if I can just get someone to read my stories.
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Free Plot Bunnies for All!
I get lots of plot bunnies, but when I actually write them they turn out horribly. Sooo... I'm giving them away! Help these poor plot bunnies find a good home.
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 12 - Since: 04-19-07 - Admin: LandUnderWave
The Anime And FictionFantasy Guild
Like anime and manga? Like to write? Like to write about demons, magic, heroes, monsters, beatufuil madiens, and wonderful places? Do you wanna learn more about writing? Well come join my guild if you said yes to any of these questions. Open all!
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Fantasy RP. Some rules, some screening, but otherwise you're pretty much free. Create your character, join a board, and play!
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Wolf Child: The Awakening
After her parents were killed Artimis was sent away to live with her cousin. However when they are attacked Artimis begins to realize just how special she is.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 12 - Since: 01-14-10 - Admin: JdoubleC
SuperHero World RP
A place for you to create your own superhero, RP with them, and have fun!
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 12 - Since: 11-19-11 - Admin: StarsAlign
Animal Kingdom - Wolf Packs of Yellowstone
Live as a wolf in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park in this RPG and learn to survive within the wild and within your own pack.
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 12 - Since: 08-10-14 - Admin: Wickelph
Red Riding Hood Reimagined
Forum for reimagining of old fairy tales, in particular little red riding hood, which i and seemingly half the creative community have been working on for a year.
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Quill vs Sword
Fantasizing about fantasy? or just trying to tell the difference?
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ideas that you want to read but won't write
I sort of think it is self explanitory, anyhow, here you can post ideas that you would like to read but don't really want to write.
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What about the fantasy section?
What makes fantasy...fantasy? sure, dragons and all those mystical people. But why is it so popular? What makes it easy to write, hard to write, fun to write? Discuss something- anything-...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people will be on this foru
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 11 - Since: 08-23-10 - Admin: Open your eyes Chopstick
Writer's Circle
For writers to come share their work, get reviews, and find new ideas for their stories.
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Dusk City
Yep, i know ui shuold pub the story before i put this, but oh well! it will be explained as you join, if you join...
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The Sentinels Roleplay Forum
[[Roleplay]] The recorded tales of the heroes of the Sentinel Order and their allies. Ever Vigilant!
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