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Generally concerns innovations and how to be innovative in fantasy and related genres, as well as in writing overall.
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The Element Guardians
Six guardians vanished, six stones were left. They were scattered, but after many millennia, they returned. Welcome to the world of the elements.
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A long time ago fantasy
I'm on a hunt for nonromantic fantasy stories that take place long ago for my C2. Can you guys help me?
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Ideas on Fantasy
Give your personal opinions of fantasy based stories. From outside the site to stories on the site. Note: Give a personal ad and it will be removed.
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Fantasy World RPG
Join the mystical land of the Divided Kingdom, a place lying beyond the oceans and the rivers inside of a vast forest-like land filled with demons and dangerous animals. In this land, everyone is at war. They create pacts and alliances in order to grow stronger. Survival skills are tested and fighting skills are needed.
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Untitled as of now
Role-play forum. There's not very many rules, except you have to use your own original characters, you can make one up specifically for this, I really don't care. Read the rules first, and the rules are inside.
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Fantasy's Paradise
Chat here about fantasy, chat about anything, advertise a story, do anything!
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Latin D&D
Welcome to the world of Latin D&D! Where literally anything can happen! Be what you want, when you want, and where you want. In this fantasy/action RPG you can travel the land of Syrue with Dawn and me, Potato Mage (Nightassassin480, Founder). INVITE ONLY! If you would like to join, please click and go to the 'How to Join' section. Can YOU handle the awesomeness?
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Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches Oh my!
A not-so serious Fantasy/Supernatural RP and discussion board, the former set in the odd little world that is filled with just about any magical creature you can come up with(as long as it isn't a Sue).
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Fade Away From Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien will forever be known as one of the best writers to ever live. So naturally people branch off his ideas and create their own fiction some times a little too similar to his. Learn how to avoid just being another fantasy writer.
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The Scribe's Respite
No, this is not another forum about clich├ęs, originality or plugs. This forum is about what makes a book good the art of words. Discuss literary devices, word usage, imagery, writing techniques, and how to grip a reader with the first page and beyond.
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think up good dragon names
let's thiunk up names for dragons, and they can be rated. Say what type of quality you are lokking for in the forum name. e.i. humourous Dragon names, or you can just... rate them.
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A Different Type of Demon
In Askara, demons are not devils and gods are not immortal. Come join the history of a land withstanding its most trying times. RPG
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The Bunny Wars
The Bunnies are at war. Who will win? You decide! Role play RP as Bunnies you create. The war has just begun...
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Ye Olde Fantastical Fantasy RP!
Do you love fantasy as much as me ie, A whole fudging lot? and just want a place for RPing and chatting about fantasy? This place is for the olde fantasy geeks!
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Fantasy RP
Welcome to the world of magic,and fantasy!Come and RP as your own OC!Don't be afraid!
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Valley of the Wolves
Deep in the valley live packs of wolves, striving to survive. The valley flows into sections from the luscious forest to the bubbling stream to the open fields. Come inside and join a pack or make your own...
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Moonshire Heights RPG
A house full of mythical cratures who come to live peacefully!Come and enter Moonshire Heights!
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Twisted Universe
A universe where anything can happen, where magic and science collide and where you are the creator...
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For Fiction's Sake
Hey! You! With the face! Yes you! Do you want to join an awesome, amazing fantasy forum with Roleplays, plot discussions, cool people, help and other awesome things? Then you can join! But only if you have a face!
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Stories & Plots that Interest
What type of stories grab your interest? What type of plots do you like? The Mysterious kind when there's a secret? Fantasy with elves and magick? Action and Adventure when people kick butt? Romance with fluff? Come and discuss what you like!
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Art in Fantasy : Fantasy in Art
A forum for people who want to: talk about art, showcase their fantasy art, ask artistic questions, request commisions for artwork, accept commisions for artwork, and generally do fantasy artsystuff. Welcome!
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Mensen waren gemeenschap: The Were peoples RPG
An RPG Forum dedicated to Wer things, be them Wolves or Cats, maybe a Wereagle tickles your fancy! Register you characters here and lets just have a good time!
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ActionFantasy RP
A/F RP anything you'd like, but with the main focus: Action and/or Fantasy of course! Feel free to create your own RP and let your imaginations play out. Enjoy!
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A strange and magical place that is filled with guild conflicts, different beings, and something evil lurking on the horizon. Can you take up the challenge defend your guild against anyone who opposes it? Always looking for new people, feel free to come in and relax for a while!
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