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Fantasy Writers Unite
For all your fiction writers out there who need someone when you have no one. Share ideas and get creative. I've been there and pretty much had to make do on my own. Come and unite for the good of all fiction writers out there who don't have anyone they c
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The Silent Muse
A forum for writers to discuss the various aspects of writing, including cliches, world creation, characters, creatures, themes... The list goes on.
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Dragon Raiders
Discuss here!
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Fan tasy
My forum for my two Fantasy stories, The Dimensional Rift and Mai Fantasy so come on here if you have any questions...or if you just want to make random chitchat.
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The Setting
Just questions that need answering : you can discuss about things appropriate for the world you've created i.e. what foods should be used? What materials? Just the little things that sometimes can be the biggest problem.
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Vampire Lovers!
This is the place to talk about any kind of vampire novel you may have read. Like, for instance, my favorite book is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
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First Novel
Is there anyone out there who's busy writing or planning for their first novel? Come here to get tips and discuss the perils and joys of writing for the first time.
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Wild and Free Horse Herds RP
This is an rp where you can play as a wild mustang or horse and live in the Lakota or Plains horse herd! : I suck at summaries, but I promise, it's better inside! :D
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 7 - Since: 12-09-11 - Admin: Hailo's Angel
The Fae World
Okay. I am going to put a the summary in the character creation. Just know this is a fantasy RP, with Fae, Shifters, and Humans.
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The Sleeping Realm
When those who dream fall asleep, they enter the world known as the Sleeping Realm. And in the Sleeping Realm, the dreamers have nothing to fear...Except their own nightmares, which are more real and far more threatening than ever imagined.
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Welcome, to Runeheim. A mystic, semi medieval, land of never ending wonders. With a genetic code so maleable, its video game like. Enjoy many strange and magnificent places as you travel through the land, searching for whatever you seek. Jobs, sidequests, and lots of legendary weapons are scattered across the land.
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Age of the Lost
Far into the future, earth has evolved into a strange wasteland. The rare few who have endured are met with entities, and monstrosities like no other. Only the strongest willed creatures can survive. You think a lost soul like you last against the demons that lurk here? We'll see.
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The Assassin's Saga
For talk about the stories and characters and world seen in the various Assassin stories.
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Have you created and androgynous characterspecies and are daunted by getting around heshe pronoun usage? Discuss it here! including neologisms and sexist speech. Oddly specific I know, but doesn’t fit well in other's forums.
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knights templar of 2020 rpg
play as a knight or as a alien your the person play to your hearts content
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Collaborate, Serious Authors only
This is a call for a serious author who would like to collaborate with me to create a fantasy story. It would be a good idea if you are a slashyaoi fan, also. Romantic fantasy is what I want to write!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 6 - Since: 06-26-07 - Admin: Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
The Best Fantasy Fiction Group
Just a place I created to group together some of the fantasy fiction I liked and see what other fiction pieces people liked
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Altonia RPG
Based on The Chronicles of Altonia by Tyrammafar. This is a wondrous land of myth and magic! There are many worlds in this land, each set apart for many ages until brought together here, by the Worldmakers.
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Tales of Grantaria
An RPG realm where you can create a charater, and save the empire from impending chaos...
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Review Tag
You review someone's story and someone else reviews yours. It's like tag, only with reviews.
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Letters from 'H'
I've always dreamed about writing letters to a mystery someone. And I'm sure others out there have too, so this should be interesting. Let's be secret friends.
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Fantesy Contests
Contests for Fantasy writers. Anyone can enter a story as long as its with the prompt.
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JOIN ME you know you want to!
this is a place to write abou& disscus your story with other people! where you can get ideas crisisum [sorry i cant spell] or praise on your story
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 5 - Since: 02-13-07 - Admin: S.R.Kelley
A Mystical Place To Perfect To Be True
No, this isn't high school as seen in Disney Channel shows. This is Herr pronounced heir. Read to find out more. Also, tell about your own magical realms.
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Enclave of the tempest The Majestic Darkness Board
Talk to the author and chat about the twists and turns of the saga. Also leave your feedback and theories about what really is happening to the main character...be assured it's like nothing you've seen before.
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