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Path to Greatness
OK, so if you're brand new, like me, or if your story is just not getting the reviews you want, drop in and see if I can help.
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RolePlay With Me
I love to Roleplay about all things magical and fun! I need some Roleplay practice ssoooOOooo
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Welcome to BraveHeart, please come in.
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Vampire Reaper RPG
You want to play as a vampire? Or maybe a reaper is more your style, all the same come on it!
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For the love of writing
Just a place to discuss problems you may be having, bounce ideas off of people and possibly gain some reads...
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What are your opinions on wings? Like, wings on anything: people, faeries, dragons, daemons, anything.
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Fantasy Roleplay
The title is pretty self explanatory. Feel free to post as many scenarios and plots as you desire; the more posts, the merrier. Note: Profanity is not filtered.
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Abledan RPG
Werewolves VS vampires, as it has always been. For centuries they have been at war, but what happens when one species turns against their own kind? NOT COMPLETE
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World of Oikounon
Oikounon, the world on the opposite side of reality, strange yet magical. Creatures from every fantasy roam the land; From the mischievous Demons, to the regal Angels.Of course a world like this is not without it's troubles.
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Roleplay of Eternity
Here you can be whatever race you want. We will roleplay however it goes. Just come if you like to roleplay.
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What Is A Hero?
What makes a man a hero? And what exactly is a hero? In a world full of grey that question is up to you. Complicated, logic based rpg. Good rpers wanted.
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Welcome to Triessima, a wolf inhabit by all creatures - accept for humans. They have perished, and now many old and new lifeforms wonder the Earth now know as Triessima. Your boundaries? There are none. There is plenty of prey, many lush territories, and
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Two Worlds One War RP
An RP about 2 different worlds fighting over control- The peaceful Kani or the proud Anix, which side will you chose?
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Magic and it's contradictions
The magical and fantasy world has so many contradictions, for example, a vampire. Does the vampire imeadiently turn to dust in the sun light, or is it a slow progress or are they just less immune to the sun light. This is where we can discuss the different view points of magic and fantasy and it's mythical creatures. Enjoy xx
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Kingdom Wars
The war for the throne of hell is coming to a close, but now they must also fight Heaven.
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Fantasy RPG
An RPG set in the Fantasy World of Eldham. Five kingdoms reside in this world- Wintervale, Amour, Gallevir, Celuaria and Corutar. All have their own residential bliss, and landscapes. In between all five kingdoms, lush green forests, and beautiful bodies of water reside in Eldham. However, there are some complications, discussed only further as we dwell in this magnificent world of war, love and hate.
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Orpheus: Tale of Heroes
A simple little world, with happy people, monsters trying to eat everyone, and lively adventurers everywhere. Become an adventurer, and have fun, cry, and just live a fantasy life .
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 5 - Since: 06-26-14 - Admin: Chess of Kings
Warriors of the Tarot
(In Construction)
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She Sells C Shells
For people who want to talk about...well anything fantasy related. Writing styles, characters, plots, writer's blocks, challenges. You name it and we'll talk about it...by the seashore.
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Need a new topic?
I have a whole world that needs filler. In other words, all the research is done, just make a character and write a story about himher. If interested leave a post and I'll send you the notes.
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What's In The Name?
How do you choose a name for you character? What is your inspiration? Does personality sway your decision? Is iit okay to create names? Share your thoughts. Ask for others opinions on names.
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Timicampy's world
fall into this mystical world and find yourself, RPG
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Werewolves are the only ones ever mentioned. So come to my forum and create your own were-person/creaure.
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The White Wolf Tavern
A place for fantasy and manga writers. Share your stories, become a beta reader for an amature writer, or discuss a story in general. Do come in and enjoy your stay!
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The Kingdom of Roselion
"He is like a dark fire, that consumes everything in his path." The small Kingdom of Roselion stands as a bastion against a wicked tyrant's reign. But when the wards that protect it fail, the Kingdom will fall. Their target is the heir to the throne, the only one who can restore them - and all those who protect him.
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