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The Reign of Gods and Demons RP
On an island of worshipers of a pantheon of powerful gods and demons, there exsists a Gaurd whos soul purpose is to protect and explore. Will you pick a deity to follow and join the Gaurd today? - See the "Forum Information" topic for more details - OPEN AND NOW ACCEPTING OCs
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Ice Shield - The Descending Fates
After the King's death, the prince of the kingdom ruled with power hungry intentions. Believing his sister is a traitor, he decided to have her exiled and hunted down. With the fleeing at charge, you are tasked with following the princess with the oracle to cause a downfall to the Prince's tyranny. Could the province of Faire be free once more or will it plunder down with the tyrant Prince?
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A Thousand and One Nights
A thousand and one nights, a thousand and one tales. From fantasy to sci-fi, the fabric of reality is now yours to shape. Create a character, suggest a topic, and RP away—all welcome!
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Another Role Playing Forum
Come in, make a character, and just hang out!
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Nations RP
Play as a might nation or a tribe of people. Control their fate and interactions with the world around them. This is the perfect place to experiment with your world ideas, come and join!
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The Knights, the Liar, and the Riders
A free reign RPG forum, where you can be bold in any stories you want to tell, with any characters you can imagine, all without limits.
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SnowTop Mountain
A town made especially for Hybrids. Magical beings and humans also welcome!
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Rp Faithful Rising of Hetra
RP forum, create a character and begin exploring the massive and evergrowing world of Hetra. All are welcome to join, relax in a realm of peace or release your stress in a hectic battle. We are active, we just need more players.
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Apperation High
Aperation high is a high ranking school that welcomes everyone. Do you want to join?
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Graveyard: Resting place of Dimensions
A place to revive dead threads, or create new ones for Your own OCs. You can create almost any type of OC so long as they're not All-powerful.
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Freedom RP
I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Cryptid Tales
Our world is a world of secrets, lies, blood and death. What you think is true, is never exactly what it seems. Some secrets are harder to believe are true than others. Our world, is a world of fantasy. A dark, twisted fantasy. Join us and write your own twisted tale of mischief, blood, love and friendship. All kinds welcome.
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Allegoria RPG
Do what you want, when you want in the unpredictable, shifting setting of the City of Dreams; Allegoria!
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The Rising
The Rising In a dystopian setting, the most protected city on Earth is Fallcry, home to a school devoted to training soldiers to protect the city from psychopaths, and to patrol the wastes for possible threats, and supplies. Explore the wastes, or patrol the domed city, held together by steampunk machinery and desperation.
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Revolution (RP)
The world of Ileria is full of animal-human mutant hybrids, but they have no rights and are treated as lower-class citizens. This form of oppression is referred to as "Lessership" by the mutants. In this stands three major mutant organizations: MATE, KIN, and FERAL. To oppose, King Oren has created The Supremacy, an organization of humans dedicated to either capturing or killing all mutants. Will the mutant hybrids finally be given the equality they deserve or will they be wiped off the face of the planet?
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Mages RP
Mages populate the nations, bending the powers of life to their will for good or ill. Join, create your own species or magic powers if you want, and shape the world.
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Divum Regni RP
Divum Regni, generally shortened to just Regni, is a land of magic, filled with beings of various races, humans, elves, orcs, lizardfolk, even dragons and the mysterious animalia An RP set in a world of my creation.
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Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Land of Night RPG
Kill the light, fight the Angels. Help me fight those who condemed me to the night.For Demons,Fallens,and all those creatures living in the night
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Heavenly War RP
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 2,447 - Since: 07-24-10 - Admin: Oatmeal and Raisins
You wake up and the last thing you remember is dying, followed by a bright light. One of the Gods resurrected you in their name, granting you powers as well. How do you repay their kindness? By fighting for them, or against them?
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Working of Fate RPG
Planning for a joined story with different people.
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For Her Majesty
After her father's death, the princess of Khara held the traditional tournament to determine the lucky man who would earn her hand and ascend to the throne. But things do not go as planned.
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Fantasy Writers Guild
This is a fantasy forum for aspiring writers, review mongers, and RPers alike! C'mon in, we'll get your fic off the ground! Kickback, share some notes, advertise your stories, and hit an RP when your done. Anyone and everyone welcome! Stop by today!
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A Haven Built on Lambs
200 Years ago the world ended. Monsters roam the lands outside and only one city remains. The city of Whitefield. You were born and raised in this city, kept safe from the outside world by the barrier placed over it so long ago. When the elders learn you have the ability to control Mir, the energy of the world, they pull you aside to begin your training. However, there is something moving in the shadows and soon your lifelong home starts feeling unsafe when your friends start to vanish without a trace.
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