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The Hunted and the Afraid: War of the Supernatural
About a century ago, the leaders of each supernatural race met to deal with their problems. Tensions were high. One leader made a wrong comment and all chaos broke loose. The species clashed in a deadly battle. Eventually, the leaders died and new, pureblood members of each species took their places. It was agreed that one member from each species would marry a member from another species. This member did not have to be royal. It went well for many decades. But, now, the tensions have rose higher than ever
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Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Picture and a Name
A fantasy/steampunk RP with a unique character creation method.
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Masae: The Treaty of Concordia
Every 10 years, the Seven Kingdoms of Maesae, gather in the First Kingdom, Astoria, for a month to celebrate the anniversary of the Treaty of Concordia. Despite this, tensions still run high between the kingdoms. Flocking with all of the others to Astoria, come the Renegades. The Renegades will do whatever it takes to destroy what little peace remains between the kingdoms. In the last week of the month, the most important event takes place, the Concordian Ball. Will all of Maesae be plunged into chaos?
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Revolution (RP)
The world of Ileria is full of animal-human mutant hybrids, but they have no rights and are treated as lower-class citizens. This form of oppression is referred to as "Lessership" by the mutants. In this stands three major mutant organizations: MATE, KIN, and FERAL. To oppose, King Oren has created The Supremacy, an organization of humans dedicated to either capturing or killing all mutants. Will the mutant hybrids finally be given the equality they deserve or will they be wiped off the face of the planet?
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The gods are dead, the structure of magic itself compromised. The very fabric of the world unravels as timelines intersect and ancient horrors spawn. With heaven and hell barren husks, a kingdom attempts to survive- but this survival is threatened from within.
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The Swordsworn Court
The king is dead and the one who rules in his stead has been struck with a strange ailment and shall not last any longer. The great noble houses of the land have decided that it is time for a new sovereign to rise. Alliance will be made and of course broken. Arranged marriages and betrothals grow more common as does treachery and assassination. Will you vie to make your own house royal or will you ally with a house more likely to win?
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Demon Kind
For all those who have ever wanted to roleplay as a demon but didn't want to feel like a weenie because they aren't a fan of crazy bloodshed or hiding in dark, dingy caves. Our demons are different. Because different is cool. (Cruelty optional.)(Now with elves, humans, and shifters!) (Character creation is done and we have some rp places set up, come on in! I just need to iron out some kinks.)
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The Library: Worlds of RPG
In the depths of the enchanted library every book is a world sitting on the limitless shelves. Every book is your own adventure, your own fantasy, your own story, waiting to be told. The only limit is your imagination. Come on in.
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Once A Slave, Magebound Stories
A place to discuss my fantasy series, Magebound, formerly Once A Slave. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.
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The DragoswordRP
Dragoswords are Dragons that can change into deadly blades.Think you can weld such a weapon? Sign up here!
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South Sanford Adolescent's Asylum
The insane asylum housing many troubled teenagers.
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Collaboration: Calligraphy of Fate
Forum for a collaboration with Seer, Kimmy and myself.
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Skye's Home for the Unnatural
All beings are welcome here, creatures that have been shunned aside by the rest of society. Acceptance is what you seek, go where your feet lead you. You need not look. You may come and go as it pleases you. Chat or RP, anyone may join.
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I've noticed a distinct lack of forums wherein you can play a giant, so I decided to make one. Play as a giant or a tiny or a normal person in between. Enjoy!
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We, In Fields of Stars'
(Attempting to restart the roleplay. 6/29/13) A place where anything can and will happen, breathe life into your fantasies. Create a character and jump in. We have a Steampunk themed role play, a old timey fantasy role play and a modern high fantasy role play. Hop on in! We welcome all and are ready to have grandiose writing adventures!
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Never Turn Back: A Fantasy RPG
An RPG where you can choose to be a vampire, human, or shape-shifter in an amazing fantasy world. Just register and have fun!
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Your characters!
Got a good character that you would just love to show off? Maybe you would just like to offer help or critism to other peoples characters? This forum has it all!
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Skinwalkers and other shapeshifters RPG
Welcome Skin-walkers, and all you other shape-shifters. Here you may take refuge and/or hunt. I am a Yeenaaldlooshii, I am here to help you.
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Triac RP
A forum to figure out a story world- all participation welcome!
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The Kingdom of Valion ( Fantasy-Medieval Roleplay )
The Medieval Era, where commoners roam about the kingdoms and where nobles are put away in their castles. Rise to royalty, find love, or even start a war. It's your choice.
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Wolves: Join the Pack
Ever wanted to follow the leader, lead the pack, howl at the moon, or kill for your survival? Well here's the ultimate Wolf Pack. Join Greater Rains pack and do all things wolves. High ranks still available!
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Invite only.
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Role Playing
Ah! The joy of role playing! This is a forum for one and all, the only stipulation being a love of fantasy. Come one and all, 'good' or evil', frumpy or lean, dirty or clean! Ok, didn't mean to rhyme. Create your own character and go on adventures with
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The Resistance
Are you prepared to answer the call of rebellion? Come in, create a character, and engineer the fall of an empire in this intense fantasy RP. Features a structured system of writing, some strict rules, and a policy of feeding Mary Sues to crocodiles.
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