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Lost Royal Blood
This is a school that has many mysteries that goes on in this school. What happened in this school many years ago?
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Vampire Town RP
The glum town of Bleeding Heart. Controlled by three vampires. The town allows any to enter but still be warned some may not leave alive. *Evil laugh*
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Pick a Plot Roleplay
A roleplay where you can be anything, anywhere, with anyone. No restrictions, other than you follow the plot that's been laid out. )
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RP Welcome to A world of Magik
Welcome to a world where you can be anything, do almsot anything ; , and write till your hearts dry up:
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The Worlds We Build
Have you built a world? Are wondering how to? Come here for tips and tricks to make a world that is as realistic as it is yours.
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This is a roleplay forum. INDEED. You live in a village, and you're kind of locked there, but you don't know that. You also lost some of your memory, mostly about where you belong. You can remember your family, and the people you know and who you are. 1st person RP. (edited 28-12-2013)
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Sorceror Academy
The Sorceror Academy is a school for 11-19 year-olds that have the ability to summon souls. They are bound to a partner soul, who will in turn channel temporary souls into their bodies. Souls take many shapes, as Combat souls, Healer souls, Camo souls, an
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Life In Our World
Join me in this story of love and war the characters in this book live in modern day Main, USA.
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Fight Club
Heh... The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. This is a forum where you use your or another author's characters WITH PERMISSION to fight...
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Welcome to Haeda planet!
Welcome :D! Come and join us in our quest in the country of Elywan! Everyone can join: from the elegant elf to the proud dwarf. We will meet new people, battle mighty foes and joke around in between :P. But that will only be possible if you join us. Come in and sign up : ! The more the merrier :D! You can even make individual stories that have nothing to do with the main one, I would just like to be informed first.
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Fiction Lovers
What do you like in fantasy fictions?
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The world of Ouroboros is constantly recycling itself. A war has been raging for generations between the Phoenix-humans, dragon-oids, beasts and their allies against the humans, animals, nymphs and their allies. Open but semi-exclusive.
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Madam Bradshaw's School of Sorcery
Welcome to Madam Bradshaw's School of Sorcery, one of the best magic schools in the country! We welcome all sorts of wizards, witches or sorcerers, and offer many subjects for one to major in. Enroll now to learn from all sorts of professors who have dedicated their lives to their studies! *Open*
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Review Exchange
Need reviews? Like to review? Post your story here.
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Fantasy World
Discuss your favorite fantasy stories, make your own, and RP creatures from the imagination.
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Fantasy RolePlay
Play your role as a fantasy creature and discover magic beyond your belief.
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Chaotic Neutral v2
Coming Soon...
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Legacy: A Historical Fantasy RPG
In a forgotten, mythic past, a group of escaped slaves must uncover the secrets of two eras to save Earth from beings outside of space and time. This is the first in series of campaigns in a saga over three thousand years.
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The Land of Mundus
Come one, come all! Elves, Humans, Vampires and all others welcome! Choose your race, class and occupation and come join the fun folks!
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The Writer's Lounge
A long day of work, school, reading or reviewing? Here is a place for you to relax, share some stories, and crack a joke or two. All discussions are allowed.
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World of Eldham
An RPG set in the Fantasy World of Eldham. Five kingdoms reside in this world- Wintervale, Amour, Gallevir, Celuaria and Corutar. All have their own residential bliss, and landscapes. In between all five kingdoms, lush green forests, and beautiful bodies of water reside in Eldham. However, there are some complications, discussed only further as we dwell in this magnificent world of war, love and hate. Please have fun, and be nice to everyone! THIS IS A SERIOUS RPG.
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Planet Chaos
Building block for stories. If you need help I'm here.
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The Element Dragons
Four teens come together to find the legendary Element Dragons. Will they save them from the evil Master or fall to his world?
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The Small Town War
During a heated international war, young men and women of a small town enlist, leaving their family and pets behind. The problem: the pets don't understand the "sudden disappearances" of their owners and have no one to blame but each-other. This Cat vs Dog conflict became known as the Small Town War.
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Medieval Fantasy
A story about a Kingdom that has been overthrwn and a group of warriors must save the kingdom from utter destruction. Are you with theese Warriors......Or are you against them?
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