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Creating a high fantasy world
A forum for a small, closed group of writers to collaborate on creating a complete world together for future story settings. Please post if you wish to join.
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The Kingdom of Valion ( Fantasy-Medieval Roleplay )
The Medieval Era, where commoners roam about the kingdoms and where nobles are put away in their castles. Rise to royalty, find love, or even start a war. It's your choice.
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The Ring Cronicles
The evil forces are rising. The rings can stop them
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Too Much Magic
How many stories are there were the characters are unrealistic in their growth in magic, sword-fighting, sudden leaps of intelligence that are completely off the topic?
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Fantasy Writers of Fictionpress
If you write high fantasy and drama, apocalypic battles, tales of gods and men, of mythical beasts and fantastical feats, come and talk about it here. Share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring writers, ask questions and improve each other.
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Howling sanctuary
A roleplay forum of werewolves or any were-creature, more detailes inside.
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Neverland Adventures
Join the Neverland experience like Peter and Wendy. :
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Lost Royal Blood
This is a school that has many mysteries that goes on in this school. What happened in this school many years ago?
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The Misfits Club
We are the misfits...nothing special, just that we have special abilities no one else has. We go to school with humans as we juggle homework, drama and our own personal issues. Open to all.
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The Book Club
A place to discuss published fantasy books. Maybe you think Harry Potter is overrated or Eragon a clich├ęd mess. Maybe Lord of the Rings bores you to death. Whatever your opinions here is the place to voice them.
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Welcome to the testing grounds of eraya. You job is to, well, test... but have fun in the proccess. However, don't forget your sword or staff, your going to need it.
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In the frigid land of Alaska there are three main werewolf territories. A few years back, one of the packs attacked another, pillaging most of their turf, money, valuables and even pack members. The past few years have been relatively peaceful, but skirmishes over turf are increasing in number and injury as tension rises. Not just a werewolf forum, all canid types of creatures allowed.
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Dragon Academy
Dragons come to this place to learn about their ancestry and powers. They also come to this place to learn to control these powers and abilities. This place came to existence since the very first dragon. The place is welcome by, full dragons, half-dragons, and many more dragons. This place is called dragon academy. Come be apart of something great!
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Pick a Plot Roleplay
A roleplay where you can be anything, anywhere, with anyone. No restrictions, other than you follow the plot that's been laid out. )
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RP Welcome to A world of Magik
Welcome to a world where you can be anything, do almsot anything ; , and write till your hearts dry up:
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Youkai Unbound
Come live in a world where there are youkai aplenty! Create any youkai and have as much fun as you want as your OCs interact with others. Lemons are allowed!
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The Worlds We Build
Have you built a world? Are wondering how to? Come here for tips and tricks to make a world that is as realistic as it is yours.
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This is a roleplay forum. INDEED. 1 on 1 RP mostly, but you can create a topic with more people, and there is a main RP topic as well, you can suggest as many topics as you want :) as long as you can keep up with them ofcourse!
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Medieval Fantasy RP
Play as your character in a Medieval fantasy setting of a kingdom called Canterotts.
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Sorceror Academy
The Sorceror Academy is a school for 11-19 year-olds that have the ability to summon souls. They are bound to a partner soul, who will in turn channel temporary souls into their bodies. Souls take many shapes, as Combat souls, Healer souls, Camo souls, an
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Fight Club
Heh... The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. This is a forum where you use your or another author's characters WITH PERMISSION to fight...
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Welcome to Haeda planet!
Welcome :D! Come and join us in our quest in the country of Elywan! Everyone can join: from the elegant elf to the proud dwarf. We will meet new people, battle mighty foes and joke around in between :P. But that will only be possible if you join us. Come in and sign up : ! The more the merrier :D! You can even make individual stories that have nothing to do with the main one, I would just like to be informed first.
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Fantasy World
Discuss your favorite fantasy stories, make your own, and RP creatures from the imagination.
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Under the Sea
Have you ever wondered what life under the sea would be like? Yes? Then step in and find out!
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Fiction Lovers
What do you like in fantasy fictions?
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