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Fantasy Authors
So what's new in the world of fantasy books? Who's your favorite author, and what are you writing about now? Let's discuss Fantasy, published and unpublished!
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Call of The Waves
An underwater family goes through an unexpected mishap, and now have to adapt to human life on land. As this family navigates in the human world, strange events befall them. Will these people ever get back to their beloved watery home? (We ask that anyone who wishes to join MUST ask myself or Da-Wolf-Goddess via PM before making your character!)
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The Romaraz Library
The Romaraz Library. A place of magic, where the books are alive and might spit out a monster or a fairy at any moment. The librarians aren't exactly run-of-the-mill either. Welcome to Romaraz.
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Ninth Caste
Despair so deep, you begin to hope again.
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REALM: Legend of the Albright (RP)
Welcome to the World of Realm. With dark forces constantly threatening the balance of the nine kingdoms, it is up to the new generation of heroes to save the day. Now Accepting Applications! (Active as of July 2019)
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The Great Hunt
Six Groups of monster hunters clash in a battle for dominance to decide whose method will be used to protect the world. Will the job be placed in the hands of man? Machine? Monster? Will it be done with blades? Guns? Magic? Join one of these groups and fight to decide.
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Speculative Fiction Story Exchange
Writers of all skill levels who write science fiction, fantasy, horror, and just plain weird stories can congregate here and mutually read and review each other's work. Also a great place to discuss writing these genres.
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Your Worlds!
Have you created a world? If so, come and tell us about it, it's inhabitants, and any stories that take place there! Give tips, and gets tips! Start your own threads!
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Wonderland: Wish to be Unforgotten
The dream world of Wonderland exists in the minds of every living person, whether they realize it or not. But Wonderland is being forgotten. It doesn't want to be forgotten. It wants to be remembered. It wants its Alice. So it does something drastic: it traps those who dare to wander into Wonderland so that they cannot leave. Alice will be found...whether they want to be or not.
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Medieval RP
When our good King died, our world was thrown into chaos as a power struggle for the throne began. Will you support Adrian the Dark one or our Prince Kai? Are you an elf, dwarf, human, or other? Who will you fight for and what is your story?
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Kingdom of Baskairn
My World, Your Characters, Anyone Welcome!
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Familiars RP
In a young age, each girl and boy must seek out their Familiar to accompany them as a life-long partner. After undergoing the ceremony, the man and the creature's bond may never break, and their partnership may never be replaced. "The bond has been create
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World of Mysteria
Mysteria is a land full of light and happiness. It has all kinds of creatures, ranging from Angels to Vampires. The land has a beautiful Queen and Mysterians. So, come join us and begin your journey. :: Active ::
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Dragons, Fairies, and Magic: Oh my
Fantasy at its best... Discuss your favorite stories, themes for stories, ideas for stories.. etc, etc.
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The Age of Infernal Clockwork RP
Fantasy and History collide as the lines of magic and science blur in the Victorian Era. Steampunk is born. When the devices (Automatons) started to malfunction and think for themselves, the magical veil broke. War has been declared by the devices against humans and the mythical creatures of the Otherworld seek to find balance. Who will survive? And who will be the heroes of this Age of Infernal Clockwork?
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Nuclear Eden
After the nuclear war that destroyed the planet only few bits of humanity exist. However there is one place that humans still exist, Nuclear Eden. This is a survival rp.
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Fantasy RP
Here you can RP your favorite fantasy creatures; it could be unicorns, fawns, fairies, etc.
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the wolfs den
a wolf bit you and you turned into a werewolf now you only have one place to go and it is your last hope as you are rejected by everyone else, the wolfs den
English - Topics: 16 - Posts: 62 - Since: 06-03-11 - Admin: Quillager
Majik RP
Create and play as your own Majik character!
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Halfway House
A place for angels who have left service, by force, to readjust to knew lives as mortals.
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Pirates of the Cursed Seas
Ahoy mattes! Join the epic quest of journeying, plundering, and pure action in the Pirates of the Cursed Seas as you can adventure through the story, under the terror of the notorious undead pirate Captain Dread and his ship, the Terror Waker. Take arms with or against the pirates who seek glory and wenches. Be a clever and feared or loved pirate captain of your own crew and ship. Or you can be an imperial and put an end to Piracy and, put an end to Captain Dread Beard. You decide!
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Magic School Roleplay!
Come all you magical creatures of the world! It doesn't matter if you are a wizard or a witch or an elf! You can be a bacteria with magical powers! (not really but you get the idea.)
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The land of Nekos? Doragons?
Come be any form of demon you desire! They can range from being a worm to being a dragon. You can have 1-3 characters if you so chose, and you can form any alliances or enemies with anyone and/or everyone!
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The Hangman
Welcome to the Hangman, pub for the jaded, the broken, the fighters and the defeated. The monsters, the madmen, the makers and the breakers. The pub you only go to when you start out with bad directions.
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Vampire Academy ACTIVE
A baording school created originaly for Vampires but do to state suspicion they are now excepting humans into the school, if you interested in a love/action type RP this is for you {Active RP}
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