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Melting Pot Tavern
The Melting Pot is a place for authors to test their characters' personalities in a diverse, unpredictable setting.
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Hidden City
A nameless city hidden in the mountains and surrounded by wilderness. Few have found this city and those how have stumbled across it by chance but once you enter leaving is impossible to do.
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Fantasy RP
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Fantasy RPG
An RPG world where people can be whatever they want! Post here concerning you character's name, appearance, etc.
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RP Citadel of Elarope
Role playing be whatever character you want and join our motley crew! Plenty of fights to be had as you go wherever you want in the citadel.
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Nightshade Academy
The tale of Nightshade Academy has ended. Thank you and good night!
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Land of the Middle Ages
ACTIVE Feel like a change of pace, a little less magic and the simplicity of middle ages adventure? You have arrived. This is a land of kings and queens, shop owners and wanderers, et cetera. The three main countries are Caister, Deskorin, and Glitherin. Develop plots and characters, and contribute to the overall story as it goes. New players are welcome. Working together is key, please announce yourself.
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A definition of Wasteland would be... An RP where so much stuff can go down that it even makes the admin confused at times. However it's lots of fun.
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RP Lazuri Academy
Lazuri Academy is a boarding school for kids with magical gifts. Every one is welcome to join in and RP as their own character. Watch the story unfold.
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Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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The Invisibles
You are a miniscule, tiny little creature. Your hair is as soft as down, your ears are pointed, and the best part is that because you are so small, you are considered invisible. Come join this fantasy that has become my reality.
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Come here if you enjoy roleplaying, battling, sitting on the sidelines and watching us work on a coop, going crazy, marshmellows, testing points for stories, grammar lessons, and randomness in general!
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Adventures in Magic
Explore this magical new world and discover spells, prophecies, and hidden civilizations.
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The Playground of Chaos
This is a playground where chaos takes place. There are few rules, and those few are slack. From serious, to hilarious, to jumping across the board! You can enter freeplay, or follow an RP with a storyline. You can make a storyline in freeplay, even!
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The Time Travel Express
Welcome aboard the Time Travel Express, a train that can bridge the space/time continuum. It can travel to any time period on any world of your choice, whether made up, magical, alternate, or real. Just give your name to the conductor and hop on board. Find a car to your liking and meet up with other interesting characters, stir up some mischief or join a quest to a far off land.
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Fantasy RPG
Come in and play as anything! Simple rules and a lot of fun!
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Drama Ever After RP
A fairy tale and mythology RP where those of us who can't get enough of this stuff come to play.
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Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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Another Role Playing Forum
Come in, make a character, and just hang out!
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Nations RP
Play as a might nation or a tribe of people. Control their fate and interactions with the world around them. This is the perfect place to experiment with your world ideas, come and join!
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The Knights, the Liar, and the Riders
A free reign RPG forum, where you can be bold in any stories you want to tell, with any characters you can imagine, all without limits.
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SnowTop Mountain
A town made especially for Hybrids. Magical beings and humans also welcome!
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Apperation High
Aperation high is a high ranking school that welcomes everyone. Do you want to join?
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Graveyard: Resting place of Dimensions
A place to revive dead threads, or create new ones for Your own OCs. You can create almost any type of OC so long as they're not All-powerful.
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Freedom RP
I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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