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She Sells C Shells
For people who want to talk about...well anything fantasy related. Writing styles, characters, plots, writer's blocks, challenges. You name it and we'll talk about it...by the seashore.
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Need a new topic?
I have a whole world that needs filler. In other words, all the research is done, just make a character and write a story about himher. If interested leave a post and I'll send you the notes.
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What's In The Name?
How do you choose a name for you character? What is your inspiration? Does personality sway your decision? Is iit okay to create names? Share your thoughts. Ask for others opinions on names.
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Timicampy's world
fall into this mystical world and find yourself, RPG
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Werewolves are the only ones ever mentioned. So come to my forum and create your own were-person/creaure.
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The White Wolf Tavern
A place for fantasy and manga writers. Share your stories, become a beta reader for an amature writer, or discuss a story in general. Do come in and enjoy your stay!
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The Kingdom of Roselion
"He is like a dark fire, that consumes everything in his path." The small Kingdom of Roselion stands as a bastion against a wicked tyrant's reign. But when the wards that protect it fail, the Kingdom will fall. Their target is the heir to the throne, the only one who can restore them - and all those who protect him.
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Story Challenge
I have a fun Challenge to write a story!
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Our Fantasy Worlds
A Board for the Community "Our Fantasy Worlds", if you would like your story added to out archive or would like to be on our staff, please apply here .
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High or Epic Fantasy Readers and Writers
For those who have never heard of High Fantasy, (you are not alone) it is simply fantasy set in an alternate world. Let's make our own worlds and take each other to them!
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Kingdom Of Isria
Not many have the power to consort with wolves... In a kingdom where magic is forbidden, where does your path lie? With the wolves? Or magic?
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A place for fantasy writers to share their stories, RP, and chat!
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Pieces of Eight
Discussion group for Vestdan's epic draft, Pieces of Eight.
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All Things Myrran
Post anything about The Legend of Myrran in here. If you're nice, I might give you spoilers...
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help needed
i need ideas for my novel, Blood on the Hands the name will be changed again too. ideas appreciated. if you want to give me some ideas for the next part, i would be most thankfull. Re
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A forum for discussing EARTHSTONES, my novelintheworks.
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The Metaverse
Forum for discussion of the Metaverse the setting for the stories of Rifts.
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May Cause Irritation
Yet another forum to discuss characters, worlds, plots, and how to avoid the dreaded mary sue: all problems that infuriate every writer
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Circle of Creativity!
Having writers block? Having problems getting your thoughts and events of your story in order? Here is a little place for those who need a group of people to bounce ideas off of and to give constructive feedback.
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Lyon Chronicles
A fantasy roleplay with some mythical races and a unqiue character sign-up. Read inside for more details and there are plenty of details...
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Goddesses, Vampires, Ghosts, Supernatural Freaks
Any discusion on any subject. Writing a story, making random characters and much more!
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My stories
I cannont put stories on the regular stories so ill put 'em here. Not a rp or anything i just put my stories here. Please respect this and dont comment except on the comments page.
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The Meat and The Bones: What Makes a Good Fantasy?
What are your opinions on what makes a fantasy story a -good- fantasy story?
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Immortals: Good Old Days Roleplay
Based off of my story I'm writing, IMMORTALS. This is the place where you can create your own OC and live in their world.. er.. worlds. This is back in the good old days, before everything got weird... Please read inside for details.
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New stories and magical brainstorming
I want to create a new story, but I'm not quite sure of the plot. I hope to discuss a plot w everyone. Give suggestions or tell about your own story plots, ect.
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