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Les chroniques de Sterenn
J'ai crée ce forum pour pouvoir répondre à toute vos questions sur Les chroniques de Sterenn tant que ça ne spoile pas la reste de l'histoire. Je suis également ouverte à toutes suggestions et critiques alors n'hésiter pas .
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Fantasy Wolf Names Anyone can use these!
Yeah... so you can take any name you want, and leave any you want other people to use. :D If you take a name I will put taken beside that name so that there will not be multiple people using that name.
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my life aint a fairy tale
for discussion of my life ain't a fairy tale
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Which mm plot do you like better?
Which plot's better?
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i ask that people plzz check out and review my stories,i just want some feedback about my stories in case i need to change something or you have some questions. thank you
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Fantasy. Need I say more?
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Looking for a Beta
I have opnly been writing fora few short months and i would really appretiate someone beta-ing me. Im not the greatest with words, grammer and punctuation so someones fresh knowledgable eyes would be great.
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Elven Lands
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Drakids The Official Forum
This forum can be used to ask me questions, discuss book topics, or pretty much anything Drakids related. Be responsible while on this forum. Distasteful behavior will result in banishment.
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Advertise Your Stories!
Advertise you Fantasy stories here and ask for reviews! Gain more publicity to your work!
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Elmoryn: Death is not the End
Elmoryn is a newly created fantasy world with a dark and haunting past. Please visit and find our for yourself the wonder and magic that exists.
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Mythical creatures boarding school
Im a new member but I love to RP.. This plot is about creature going to school to learn about how to use their powers but there will be drama, romance, and shocking things. Join and have some fun.
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the spider complex
Rosario and Pinhe have been on the run for most of there lives. faced with treachery on every side they attempt to find Spinal Anarchy, head of the Spider complex (a underground terrorist organisation attempting to help the estron reach safe havens)
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shit mariah writes, yo
title is self-explanatory(;
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Looking for Beta
Hey guys, I haven't had any luck so far finding a beta so I figured I'd put this out there. Please PM me if you're willing to work with me! I'm not illiterate by any means but I haven't written in a few years, so I'm looking for someone to help me with the clutter in my sentences and whatnot. Experience isn't exactly necessary but preferred of course. I'll leave a shoutout to you in each chapter you beta. This will be sort of comprehensive- I don't just want you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes, I a
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The Faerie Warren
Discussion of themes, characters and ideas in the collaborative Faerie-centric world originated by Michael J and Airk.
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Legend: The Knights of Mare
My story takes place in the fictional nation of Astral in the year 342 and follows David Vita, the leader of an increasingly popular band of mercenaries known as The Knights of Mare. Astral and her neighbor Ferocia are still recovering from a bloody and costly war between the two that ended three years ago, the army is low on soldiers and the crown is stretched thin repairing cities that sustained damage along the border while trying to refill the military's ranks. This is my first time blogging and this is
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Stories about the City State of Kesswell
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The Worlds of Cat Fantasies
Welcome to a place where cats from other worlds can meet and have fun. There are games and roleplays, that everyone can enjoy. So be sure to stop by sometime!
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