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Allegoria RPG
Do what you want, when you want in the unpredictable, shifting setting of the City of Dreams; Allegoria!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 3,435 - Since: 06-27-08 - Admin: Reine Ayten
Mages RP
Mages populate the nations, bending the powers of life to their will for good or ill. Join, create your own species or magic powers if you want, and shape the world.
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 3,202 - Since: 01-06-10 - Admin: Catorrina
Divum Regni RP
Divum Regni, generally shortened to just Regni, is a land of magic, filled with beings of various races, humans, elves, orcs, lizardfolk, even dragons and the mysterious animalia An RP set in a world of my creation.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 2,721 - Since: 05-29-11 - Admin: Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire
Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 2,686 - Since: 03-17-07 - Admin: Ramalama - bang bang
Land of Night RPG
Kill the light, fight the Angels. Help me fight those who condemed me to the night.For Demons,Fallens,and all those creatures living in the night
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 2,652 - Since: 01-22-08 - Admin: DemonBunny205
Heavenly War RP
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 2,447 - Since: 07-24-10 - Admin: Oatmeal and Raisins
Working of Fate RPG
Planning for a joined story with different people.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 2,063 - Since: 11-01-10 - Admin: Tsubaki Hikari
Fantasy Writers Guild
This is a fantasy forum for aspiring writers, review mongers, and RPers alike! C'mon in, we'll get your fic off the ground! Kickback, share some notes, advertise your stories, and hit an RP when your done. Anyone and everyone welcome! Stop by today!
English - Topics: 22 - Posts: 2,001 - Since: 06-12-10 - Admin: Typing Typhoon
You wake up and the last thing you remember is dying, followed by a bright light. One of the Gods resurrected you in their name, granting you powers as well. How do you repay their kindness? By fighting for them, or against them?
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 1,963 - Since: 04-02-18 - Admin: Saeraleis
The Fuzzy Dolphin
A place to discuss conventions of fantasy writing, and how to avoid them. If you're creating a new world, exploring new character types, or boldly going where no writer has gone before, come in, take a load off, and share!
English - Topics: 89 - Posts: 1,882 - Since: 10-21-06 - Admin: Girlbrainiac
Modern Samurai Roleplay
In a modern world where Japan is divided into several clans and a city-state Tokyo , Clan Lords fight to unite Japan, fighting terrorists and invaders ie, China, Russia, and the US .
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 1,786 - Since: 09-08-08 - Admin: S.Silver 360
Role Play
A place to RP in any time period mythical or otherwise
English - Topics: 18 - Posts: 1,701 - Since: 10-16-09 - Admin: K.J DarKnight
Argonnessen's Retribution
Argonnessen is in a state of unrest since the Frieden Korps have taken over. They have used their expansive coffers to garner the following of the rich and use the poor to their advantage. However, the poor have their riches stored in other forms; forms that the rebellion, the Mors Mortis Military need in order to create balance. Jump in for action, romance and fantasy! ACTIVE
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 1,634 - Since: 01-15-13 - Admin: TayMor
Muse Juice Cafe
A place for fantasy story writers & lovers of the fantasy genre to discuss their favorite stories whether it be another FP author's, their own stories, or stories outside of FP. Find inspiration, share ideas, & give suggestions to fellow authors.
English - Topics: 93 - Posts: 1,469 - Since: 10-17-06 - Admin: Scooz
Demon Kind
A universe with three intertwined worlds and rich, ever expanding culture. Join if you are a lover of fantasy mixed with just the right amount of reality! (Now with elves, humans, and shifters!) (Revived as of 7/16/2015, please feel welcome to join!)
English - Topics: 16 - Posts: 1,445 - Since: 11-30-14 - Admin: bornofthesea670
Wolves of the Nord Woods
After humans dissappear, the wolf packs await in the land of the Nord.
English - Topics: 13 - Posts: 1,361 - Since: 11-13-12 - Admin: Erzaler Kael
Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
English - Topics: 29 - Posts: 1,097 - Since: 05-14-08 - Admin: Jave Harron
Picture and a Name
A fantasy/steampunk RP with a unique character creation method.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 1,081 - Since: 11-22-11 - Admin: Arbitrary Constant
Once A Slave, Magebound Stories
A place to discuss my fantasy series, Magebound, formerly Once A Slave. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 898 - Since: 01-30-07 - Admin: Katica Locke
The DragoswordRP
Dragoswords are Dragons that can change into deadly blades.Think you can weld such a weapon? Sign up here!
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 885 - Since: 07-19-12 - Admin: Year Of The Black Dragon
South Sanford Adolescent's Asylum
The insane asylum housing many troubled teenagers.
English - Topics: 41 - Posts: 851 - Since: 12-09-09 - Admin: missroxie
Collaboration: Calligraphy of Fate
Forum for a collaboration with Seer, Kimmy and myself.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 790 - Since: 12-30-08 - Admin: Jilted Eve
Skye's Home for the Unnatural
All beings are welcome here, creatures that have been shunned aside by the rest of society. Acceptance is what you seek, go where your feet lead you. You need not look. You may come and go as it pleases you. Chat or RP, anyone may join.
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 765 - Since: 06-11-12 - Admin: SkyeFlier98
I've noticed a distinct lack of forums wherein you can play a giant, so I decided to make one. Play as a giant or a tiny or a normal person in between. Enjoy!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 716 - Since: 08-24-11 - Admin: Jackie the Giant
We, In Fields of Stars'
(Attempting to restart the roleplay. 6/29/13) A place where anything can and will happen, breathe life into your fantasies. Create a character and jump in. We have a Steampunk themed role play, a old timey fantasy role play and a modern high fantasy role play. Hop on in! We welcome all and are ready to have grandiose writing adventures!
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 715 - Since: 01-05-13 - Admin: LoopingTheLoop
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