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Never Turn Back: A Fantasy RPG
An RPG where you can choose to be a vampire, human, or shape-shifter in an amazing fantasy world. Just register and have fun!
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Your characters!
Got a good character that you would just love to show off? Maybe you would just like to offer help or critism to other peoples characters? This forum has it all!
English - Topics: 124 - Posts: 657 - Since: 06-02-07 - Admin: Rudruma
Skinwalkers and other shapeshifters RPG
Welcome Skin-walkers, and all you other shape-shifters. Here you may take refuge and/or hunt. I am a Yeenaaldlooshii, I am here to help you.
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Triac RP
A forum to figure out a story world- all participation welcome!
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Wolves: Join the Pack
Ever wanted to follow the leader, lead the pack, howl at the moon, or kill for your survival? Well here's the ultimate Wolf Pack. Join Greater Rains pack and do all things wolves. High ranks still available!
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Role Playing
Ah! The joy of role playing! This is a forum for one and all, the only stipulation being a love of fantasy. Come one and all, 'good' or evil', frumpy or lean, dirty or clean! Ok, didn't mean to rhyme. Create your own character and go on adventures with
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 560 - Since: 01-28-09 - Admin: Halen Catice
The Resistance
Are you prepared to answer the call of rebellion? Come in, create a character, and engineer the fall of an empire in this intense fantasy RP. Features a structured system of writing, some strict rules, and a policy of feeding Mary Sues to crocodiles.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 546 - Since: 10-21-11 - Admin: Unspiral
Creating a high fantasy world
A forum for a small, closed group of writers to collaborate on creating a complete world together for future story settings. Please post if you wish to join.
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 540 - Since: 03-23-12 - Admin: Braden
The Ring Cronicles
The evil forces are rising. The rings can stop them
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 523 - Since: 03-11-12 - Admin: Cokehold8
Too Much Magic
How many stories are there were the characters are unrealistic in their growth in magic, sword-fighting, sudden leaps of intelligence that are completely off the topic?
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 509 - Since: 10-18-06 - Admin: Shadowhound
Fantasy Writers of Fictionpress
If you write high fantasy and drama, apocalypic battles, tales of gods and men, of mythical beasts and fantastical feats, come and talk about it here. Share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring writers, ask questions and improve each other.
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Howling sanctuary
A roleplay forum of werewolves or any were-creature, more detailes inside.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 473 - Since: 11-29-07 - Admin: Rebellious-Retaliation
Neverland Adventures
Join the Neverland experience like Peter and Wendy. :
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 470 - Since: 09-06-11 - Admin: laurenn585
The Book Club
A place to discuss published fantasy books. Maybe you think Harry Potter is overrated or Eragon a clich├ęd mess. Maybe Lord of the Rings bores you to death. Whatever your opinions here is the place to voice them.
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 416 - Since: 01-10-07 - Admin: Marie Silver
Welcome to the testing grounds of eraya. You job is to, well, test... but have fun in the proccess. However, don't forget your sword or staff, your going to need it.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 400 - Since: 10-03-12 - Admin: Kateland106
RP Welcome to A world of Magik
Welcome to a world where you can be anything, do almsot anything ; , and write till your hearts dry up:
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 311 - Since: 12-06-10 - Admin: live4-now-hope4-tomorrow
The Worlds We Build
Have you built a world? Are wondering how to? Come here for tips and tricks to make a world that is as realistic as it is yours.
English - Topics: 16 - Posts: 292 - Since: 11-28-06 - Admin: Kaldaka
Sorceror Academy
The Sorceror Academy is a school for 11-19 year-olds that have the ability to summon souls. They are bound to a partner soul, who will in turn channel temporary souls into their bodies. Souls take many shapes, as Combat souls, Healer souls, Camo souls, an
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 265 - Since: 01-15-11 - Admin: GreenDayFan1
Fight Club
Heh... The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. This is a forum where you use your or another author's characters WITH PERMISSION to fight...
English - Topics: 15 - Posts: 261 - Since: 01-17-07 - Admin: Tamaki
Welcome to Haeda planet!
Welcome :D! Come and join us in our quest in the country of Elywan! Everyone can join: from the elegant elf to the proud dwarf. We will meet new people, battle mighty foes and joke around in between :P. But that will only be possible if you join us. Come in and sign up : ! The more the merrier :D! You can even make individual stories that have nothing to do with the main one, I would just like to be informed first.
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Fantasy World
Discuss your favorite fantasy stories, make your own, and RP creatures from the imagination.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 242 - Since: 02-08-13 - Admin: NightRainMuseum
Fiction Lovers
What do you like in fantasy fictions?
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 241 - Since: 10-22-06 - Admin: Torn and Tattered
Review Exchange
Need reviews? Like to review? Post your story here.
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 232 - Since: 08-28-07 - Admin: Greatheart
The Moving Mercenaries
A stagecoach of hearty adventurers where you can meet The Moving Mercenaries, a large family all out on the open road, enjoying themselves with a unique outlook on life. You can discuss fantasy adventures, and talk about elves, drow, and worlds. Please note that all the characters mentioned in the topics titles belong to me. You can read about them in my series Tangled Webs.
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 227 - Since: 07-04-17 - Admin: Jaya Avendel
Fantasy RolePlay
Play your role as a fantasy creature and discover magic beyond your belief.
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