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The Element Kingdoms
*Open* Six kingdoms cover a large, secluded land. Each kingdom is of a different element: Water, earth, fire, air, ice and electricity. The kingdoms had once lived in peace; however, a few years rolled by, causing squabbling between the six kingdoms. The squabbling continued to get worse, and soon there was a full out war all across the land. There have been quiet groups that are trying to stop the fight, but only a group of six people who come from the six different kingdoms will stop the war.
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Time As Always Time
Doing shit over.
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Rp Faithful Rising of Hetra
RP forum, create a character and begin exploring the massive world of Hetra. All are welcome to Join, relax in a realm of peace or release your stress in a hectic battle. We are active, we just need more players.
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Secret Hollows
This town is expertly hidden in the midst of a forest and is home to mythical beings and creatures of all types.
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House of Cards
After ten long years, the supernatural world is finally at peace. The decade of political turmoil and unrest has finally come to an end. All is well. But behind the facade of security and prosperity, something ominous is stirring. Events are being set in motion by unseen hands. Pieces are moving across the board, directed by invisible players. The cards are falling. Where do you stand?
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A Haven Built on Lambs
200 Years ago the world ended. Monsters roam the lands outside and only one city remains. The city of Whitefield. You were born and raised in this city, kept safe from the outside world by the barrier placed over it so long ago. When the elders learn you have the ability to control Mir, the energy of the world, they pull you aside to begin your training. However, there is something moving in the shadows and soon your lifelong home starts feeling unsafe when your friends start to vanish without a trace.
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My Nightmare
What if you were stuck in an abyss, your greatest fears follow your every move, there's no ounce of light, hope or freedom. You were utterly alone. Until more people show up. Who are... different like you are? Will things change? Is there hope? Or will it put a bigger target onto your back? Surviving is now 100 times harder. Or will you work through your differences to break out of this hell hole? Out of your nightmare? It's up to you! Or will you think "this is only a dream,"?
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Riders of Night
Ethyria has always been plagued by war and suffering. Their hopes for survival rest on the students of the Dragon Academy, those who train in magyk, fighting, and learn to ride dragons. The best of the best become Riders of Night, the soldiers and guards of Ethyria. With the threat of war growing ever nearer, and the increasing tumult, a desperate call has been sent out for the bravest children to come and learn, and defend Ethyria before it is lost to Time forever. Will you heed the call?
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The Hunted and the Afraid: War of the Supernatural
About a century ago, the leaders of each supernatural race met to deal with their problems. Tensions were high. One leader made a wrong comment and all chaos broke loose. The species clashed in a deadly battle. Eventually, the leaders died and new, pureblood members of each species took their places. It was agreed that one member from each species would marry a member from another species. This member did not have to be royal. It went well for many decades. But, now, the tensions have rose higher than ever
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Imaginaerum is a place where world famous fairies gather to live and fight away from the human world. Roleplay has world famous fairies with new fairies to come. You may also create your own fairy.
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The gods are dead, the structure of magic itself compromised. The very fabric of the world unravels as timelines intersect and ancient horrors spawn. With heaven and hell barren husks, a kingdom attempts to survive- but this survival is threatened from within.
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Summer Love Roleplay
Work a summer job, hang at the beach... and maybe find the love of your life!
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Puppet's Freedom
In a world where being different is being damned, a rebellion has started, led by children and teens. Your closest friend may backstab you if you let them, your neighbor may betray your trust. To join the rebellion, all you need is one thing. And all they need is the same. One fights for all in this world, for if everyone is different, no one is alone. (Temporarily closed.)
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Cryptid Tales
Our world is a world of secrets, lies, blood and death. What you think is true, is never exactly what it seems. Some secrets are harder to believe are true than others. Our world, is a world of fantasy. A dark, twisted fantasy. Join us and write your own twisted tale of mischief, blood, love and friendship. All kinds welcome.
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This is a roleplay forum. INDEED. You live in a village, and you're kind of locked there, but you don't know that. You also lost some of your memory, mostly about where you belong. You can remember your family, and the people you know and who you are. 1st person RP. (edited 28-12-2013)
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Life In Our World
Join me in this story of love and war the characters in this book live in modern day Main, USA.
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The world of Ouroboros is constantly recycling itself. A war has been raging for generations between the Phoenix-humans, dragon-oids, beasts and their allies against the humans, animals, nymphs and their allies. Open but semi-exclusive.
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Madam Bradshaw's School of Sorcery
Welcome to Madam Bradshaw's School of Sorcery, one of the best magic schools in the country! We welcome all sorts of wizards, witches or sorcerers, and offer many subjects for one to major in. Enroll now to learn from all sorts of professors who have dedicated their lives to their studies! *Open*
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World of Eldham
An RPG set in the Fantasy World of Eldham. Five kingdoms reside in this world- Wintervale, Amour, Gallevir, Celuaria and Corutar. All have their own residential bliss, and landscapes. In between all five kingdoms, lush green forests, and beautiful bodies of water reside in Eldham. However, there are some complications, discussed only further as we dwell in this magnificent world of war, love and hate. Please have fun, and be nice to everyone! THIS IS A SERIOUS RPG.
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The Small Town War
During a heated international war, young men and women of a small town enlist, leaving their family and pets behind. The problem: the pets don't understand the "sudden disappearances" of their owners and have no one to blame but each-other. This Cat vs Dog conflict became known as the Small Town War.
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Nexus (College of Misfits, Mutants and Monsters)
Welcome to Nexus, the college for mutants, ability users, and monsters. Whether you have wings, breath fire, teleport or are just a plain vampire, everyones welcome. Enroll, but obey the rules.
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Three Empires: A Revived Land
The world has fallen time and time again. All 21st century cultures as well as artifacts have been buried under years of soot and war. From the ashes comes a new age, the Empire Age. Here, Three Empires stand victorious, each with a different view on life, on justice, and on philosophy. Come if you dare, and see what you find.
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Perfect World Fantasy RPG
A world where you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.Explore different realms and lands while meeting new aquantences and enimies. Create your character then join in on the drama,fighting, and the magical world of fantasy creatures! *ACTIVE*
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Wolf RP
Here, in this place, wolves reside with their packs close by. Alphas, betas, deltas, omegas all work together to make the perfect pack... but the world doesn't always follow suit. Famine and threats run rampant and borderlines are fought over. Play your wolf(ves) here in the struggle that is their wild lives.
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World of Valor
Five kingdoms reside in this world- Soryn, Evercale, Haldshin, Oberyn, and Fenos. All have their own residential bliss, political situations, and financial affairs. In between all five kingdoms, lush green forests, and beautiful bodies of water decorate Valor. However, there are some complications, discussed only further as we dwell in this magnificent world of conflict, romance and deception. Please join and explore the world of Valor!
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