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Shades of the Spectrum
Welcome to the Spectrum, where all RP styles are welcome and accepted. Tired of being classified under one genre? Look no farther, from romance to fantasy, anything's welcome here. So why not stop on by, and see all the shades of the spectrum?
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The Joys of Writing
*Please excuse the cheesy name. New to the site and need help navigating? Want some inspiration or prompts? Feel like having a character or plot discussion? Here you can do all of that and more- so come on in! Engage, enjoy, and explore the joys of writing.
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Come talk and chat about you're stories! Get reviews, feedback from fans and even some helpful character development!
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Epic Roleplay
Under progress. Thank you for your consideration.
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RPG World
A forum where different worlds and threads are introduced. Under progress. Please be patient.
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Hopeless Romantics redo
I just thought i should put another one for some other good stories.
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Of Your Choosing
Any questions, suggestions, or discussions on any of my stories can be posted here. It's basically the simplest way to hold an FAQ. Though it doesn't need to be limited to any of that...
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I love Brother And sister bond stories, who else l
I love Brother And sister bond stories, who else likes them, and if u do any stroy suggestions
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AB's Awesome Possum Forum
Here for myself and readers to discuss my stories or whatever else. As well post progress and news and other such random things I can think of. Oh yeah!
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Favorite Stories
What's your favorite story here on Fiction Press? Want to suggest a story to someone else to read? Come here to do it!
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July December Writing Countdown
For the July - December Writing Countdown Community.
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Brendan2k5's Veterans' Review Request Guild
If you have been with for 2 or more years, this is the place to be. Unlike that loser "Review Game" Forum I make things simple. To get your work reviewed, you must have been here for 2 years. The reverse does not hold true, though.
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Lopez's Story Discussion
To talk about any stories Lopez has written. All questions story-related should be posted here.
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How to be cliché without sounding cliché
Everyone likes the same story of true love, adventure and so on to be told over and over. But, we like creativity. So how do we be cliché and give the audience what they want AND still be original? I don't know, thats why I'm asking you!
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Discussion regarding the stories uploaded.
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Real Life Doctor who RPG
This is like the Doctor who RPG, except that you RP as yourself, and not an OC.
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Writer's Corner
If you're interested in challenges, and want to improve your writing technique then welcome to the forum. Please dwell a little deeper to find out more information.
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need help with possiblefuture anthro rock website
I'm creating an anthropomorphic rock website, similar to cassie the rock vixen. big difference is that my website will have NO humans and backup singers. But my website will have a solo christian rock star named janice nicholson, and her son kai johnson,
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Passionate Dreams Fiction
This is the official forum for my fictional world. The stories, characters and fictional world I create. Here you can meet other fans and discuss my work and share your thoughts. PLEASE, NO NEGATIVE OR RUDE COMMENTS! Thanks!
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Fiction Online
This is where you can chat, ask for betas, advertise your poem/story, or talk about a recent story you read!
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Life After The Volturi
I Do Not Own Twilight
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taerkitty's Story Feedback Threads
A place for interactive discussion for my stories. Not sure how much it will be used, but it's available.
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Legacy of Blood:Innocence
This is the forum to discuss the story by Akira Nabeshima
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The LunchRoom
RP in the school cafateria
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Get Reviews Here
If you're looking for constructive criticism for your stories, look no further!
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