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Vulpine (RP)
Warriors meets the Hunger Games, but with foxes. Feel free to say hi! :)
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House of Cards
After ten long years, the supernatural world is finally at peace. The decade of political turmoil and unrest has finally come to an end. All is well. But behind the facade of security and prosperity, something ominous is stirring. Events are being set in motion by unseen hands. Pieces are moving across the board, directed by invisible players. The cards are falling. Where do you stand?
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Double Revolution
Next-Gen RP based off of my former RP: "Revolution": The war is over. FERAL has won...well, at least in Illeria. In the alternate dimension known as Airelli, the supremacy won the war, and now the barriers between the two worlds are slowly crumbling. Enter the travelers, a unique group of individuals with the ability to travel between the two worlds. Will they be able to save both the universes from total annihilation, or will the very fabric of the universe be ripped apart at the seems
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Wolf RP
Here, in this place, wolves reside with their packs close by. Alphas, betas, deltas, omegas all work together to make the perfect pack... but the world doesn't always follow suit. Famine and threats run rampant and borderlines are fought over. Play your wolf(ves) here in the struggle that is their wild lives.
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The Superhero of the Story!
A city of heroes waiting to catch baddies from robbing those banks! Who is that in the sky? Who is that running quick? Who is that saving lives? You guessed it, Superheroes! From the creator of, "The Villain of the Story", comes in an all-action pack thriller of being a hero and what challenges it faces in life. From reporters wanting to know who you are too bad guys pitting you as their rivals, it isn't an easy life but a well known good life to have. Be a hero in Heroland and lets put an end to all crimes
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Raven City: Superhero RP
Raven City, home of the world's Superheroes and Villains. When the Atomiser bomb went off in 2008 it blessed some people of the city with incredible new superpowers. Now they battle it out in the streets. Either to save the city or destroy it, you decide!
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The Presidential Lives
In this rp you will be either a store owner, A citizen working, or the president. We will have election on the 1st and 15th of each month. The president will have value in the rp.
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Orange town
This is pretty much a town, where there's a highschool, movie theaters, restaurants, apartments, houses, and more. Please send in your OC and join today!
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Tribe of Wanderers
There are many things we do there. Roleplay of many kinds, chatting, and reviewing YOUR stories, with tips on how to improve it and to put self-esteem back in yourself. Woah, that sounded deep. So come on: why won't you join?
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RPG World
A forum where different worlds and threads are introduced. Under progress. Please be patient.
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Epic Roleplay
Under progress. Thank you for your consideration.
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RPG World
A forum where different worlds and threads are introduced. Under progress. Please be patient.
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Epic Role-Play
Hello! This is an under-progress forum coming soon for your interest! Many different threads will be dished out, so I hope you will enjoy it! In the meantime, please be patient, and if you have any suggestions, tell me via PM.
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Create and role play au's (alternate universes)
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