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The way we feel
Zachary Göering ejercía de soldado nazi: trabajaba en un campo de concentración. Cometió un error que lo llevó a ser buscado por las autoridades: el de enamorarse de alguien que no debía. Una historia acerca de la humanidad, el significado de una familia
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Concerning the hits and views
Out of as many hits and views i receive i am getting NO reviews on my stories. I would greatly appreciate reviews so i know what to correct in my stories.
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Revolution: A Modern Day Historical Roleplay
History always does repeat itself-more than you can imagine. In which various historical figures are reincarnated into the modern day.
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Writing a Great Historical Novel
So, hello, the basics of this forum is that I want to see if we can write a great historical novel. I'll start off the topics with one on rules. Now each of the other topics can be on Chapters, Prolouge, Characters etc. You post your ideas and I'll choose the best ones, you could also vote too and the ones I decide are the best will make up the story, maybe with changes.
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WWII short stories
Here we can talk about ideas for WWII stories. They can include anything, but must not be over the K rating (unless checked by me). Link to your story and have fun :D Rorytheromanxxx
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Victorian Era
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Imperial Russia
A forum to discuss any stories set in Imperial Russia or during the 1917 Russian Revolution :) All topics accepted.
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Victorian Era
Under progress.
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Making history. Private only.
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Carrington Gale World
anything related to the world of my Carrington Gale stories
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