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Tampering with History
Welcome to a forum that was used to know as Roaring 20's. We've gone through a change and you can now role-play whatever time in history you want. If you can't find an RP topic you like, suggest one and we'll see what we can make of it! Rated M
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WWII RP: Time-travel Problems
Master Uchiha is a Japanese-born American Jew. He somehow travels to Nazi Germany, and must find his way back to the present before the Nazis find out he's Jewish. If you're unsure of this OC, you may want to see my RPs.
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The Kingdom of Witherdale
This RP takes place during the middle ages in the Kingdom of Witherdale. You can RP as anybody from royalty, to a commoner, to a beggar. Find action, adventure, romance, and excitement. All are welcome so please join!
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Petley House
Petley House is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Hellingly. Submit children of the Duke and Duchess, their friends, family, and, of course, their servants.
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Victorian Era
Hello, and welcome to the forum! This is set in London during the 19th century. The Victorian era is a period in time when Queen Victoria was in power, as well as the different gowns and puffy sleeves. During the early 1800s, men wore waistcoats, and vests, as well. The forum also has an alternative history of Steampunk, too. Machinery and retro-futuristic mechanisms are a part of everyday life, and new members are always welcome!
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Victorian Era
Victorian Era of the early 1800s. Set during 19th century London.
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Making history. Private only.
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Our World
This is a historical fiction roleplay featuring events of the past. You can roleplay with other users in various scenarios, starting with a few and then spanning out as the forum grows in size. Are you ready to take the challenge of our history into your hands?
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Victorian RP
This is a Role Play ( RP) set in the VICTORIAN ERA centering around the wealthy, upper class Blackbourne family. Create members of the family, their servants or your own original characters and make your way in Victorian society! ( SET 1885, T rated)
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1920's Mafia
Welcome to Chicago in the 1920's. The ban on alcohol is backfiring and bootleggers and mobs are cashing in on it. There are two main rival families competing to be the best mobs. More information inside
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Victorian Era
Under progress.
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Dinosauria and Mammalia: A War of the Species
In the beginning, there was man. Man researched new things and attempted so survive. Now, man has discovered that he can bring back dead creatures. Now, there is dinosaur. Dinosaur has killed man, reduced him to a few survivors. Can anyone last to see the end of dinosaur? (Rated T, active)
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