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For horror writers who want feedback
Made this to help those who want feedback on their horror writing work and just want to specialize a little the type of writing they want to do.
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Grace's Plagued Forum
A place to speculate and discuss my story, The Plagued. Note: Not overrun by evil zombie-type creatures. Yet.
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Help With Horror
Come here and ask for help with your very own horror stories! From dark humor to zombie novels, post anything here that you need assistance with! If you're a horror writer in need of assistance, link us to your story, and you'll get a review every time!
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Vampire And Supernatural Lovers!
For all you vampire fans and supernatural fans out there,this is the place for you! We can talk either about vampires or anything related to the supernatural...and I don't mean the tv show 'Supernatural' either just to clearify that :
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Zombie Apocalypse RolePlaying Game
A modern day horror role-playing game set during a zombie apocalypse that is spreading throughout the globe. Create a character and inject them into the world of the living dead.
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Operation: Zombie
Zombies have always been a threat. Join the teams of professional zombie hunters who prevent this 'threat' from becoming a big 'problem'.
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Horror Masters
Just a forum of horror. Reviews, News about our members, and horrifying humor await you inside.
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the masked man
there's a masked man hunting a group of teens have fun and you are allowed to kill of your own characters and others if they're ok with it.
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Corpse: Zombie Apocalypse RP
Over the past year there have been incidents of extreme violence. New stories and strange murders. Stories of cannibals. Mysterious disappearances. This is just the beginning. Create an OC and witness how it all begins.
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New Horror forum Made on sept 05 2012
This is for Horror only. I noticed that many forums are pretty old except for the roleplaying forums and many have been abandoned so I decided to make my own new one.
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Chickens and hommus sandwiches
Chicken revolution! nah, seriously, how wrong are hommus sandwiches? Besides that, let's share horror stories!
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Horror101 - Anything Horror
its in the title
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Adrian's Undead Diary
The best on-line zombie story ever...
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When bodies began showing up in gruesome ways, agent Jasper Helsings of the United Kingdom's secret services goes undercover to hunt down the unknown killer who goes by the name of Nevermore. Enter the game of blood and madness as your worst fears come true.
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Dark Roleplay
I love to write horror, dark, sexy, yaoi, fiction. If you have read any of my fictions and are looking for a one on one or small group roleplay, please post here. I am always seeking roleplays to help me practice. And it's just fun.
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