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Surviving in ZombieLand: An RP
It's a normal day in Watson High School, but when strange, flesh-eating creatures get in the school and are determined to eat all the students, the survivors must band together, get out of the school alive, and try their best to live.
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Death's Touch: Tales of a Survivor
A new plague is rising across the world, starting all the way up in Canada, and slowly infecting the rest of America. Groups of survivors, stuck in this apocalyptic setting, are doomed to suffer, and some of them will die. But there is still hope, there is always hope. In this world, who will you be? How will you impact the future of the human race? Will you get destroyed from the inside, will you die killed by your friends or murdered by a mutant? Discover it in this fresh new RP.
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When bodies began showing up in gruesome ways, agent Jasper Helsings of the United Kingdom's secret services goes undercover to hunt down the unknown killer who goes by the name of Nevermore. Enter the game of blood and madness as your worst fears come true.
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Dark Roleplay
I love to write horror, dark, sexy, yaoi, fiction. If you have read any of my fictions and are looking for a one on one or small group roleplay, please post here. I am always seeking roleplays to help me practice. And it's just fun.
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