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Knowing that this series has a possibility of being a bit confusing in the future, I've created this for emergencies. All discussion about this series go here. Both non-spoilers and spoilers.
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Astray Genesis
Technical details related to my Astray Genesis series will be stored here. Also, feel free to discuss anything related to it.
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Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin sama! Ojousama wa Himits
Just some talkings about THIKAS The Heiress is Keeping a Secret! or better known as Ojousama wa Himitsu o Ijimasu! ... Go wild here and write about anything THIKAS related! Everyone's welcome!
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Click here if you like GIR, cookies and shounen ai
A place to talk about anime with your fellow anime fans, ask what people want to read...and restock on weapons if they decide to cancel your favourite anime... Dark-chan cannot be held responsible for any deaths, injuries, brain damage, trauma, and etc.
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Tsubasa Hime Discussion
Well, I am aware that Tsubasa-Hime isn't terribly popular, but I thought, perhaps, there might be some people interested in discussing it.
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Manga, Anime, and Promoting Your story
This forum is to to promote your stories or just to talk about manga,anime, or video games.
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HELP!: How do I get Reviews?
Been here for about a year now and I was wondering how do I get reviews for my story without appearing desperate? I really want to show people my writing skills and receive feedback. Thank you!
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Does any one like Manga
i like fruits basket my friend likes death-note/ full meatal
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RPG World
just become your character s and be who you are. you can chat, fight, talk with other peoples characters. just please dont offend them. is your character the best?
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Pandora Heart
Created for anime / manga.
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The world of Diranii is a world with no constraints, and no rules! Use your unique magical abilities to change the world! As those with the greater power seek domination, the people of Diranii will step up... And take their right to freedom!
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The PokeValley
The PokeVally- a zany place on top of a tall mountain with some crazed up Pokemon, Aliens, Mobians, and Elves alike. This place is for RPing in the PokeValley, people who are instantly alowed: H-Valley, SwiftShadeWarrior, Sugar1Wolf, and Noctiphobia
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Exile, Turmoil, and Unrest World War 3
A Warfare RP took place in fictional AD 2020. Create your own Plot, Add some Weapons, and Talk with others. Bring Peace, or Destruction.
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for the amazing world of mecha anime this forum is to advertise your mecha stories or idea and to review each others.
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Assassin's Regret
I'm thinking about a writing/manga or comic idea. At the moment, my idea is very rough, but I have the basic portion down. the story takes place in England, 1878. the city of London is bustling, with elegance, knowledge, and ill plots...our main character is an 18 year old assassin forced into service to a corrupt lord, in order to clear her fathers debt, she is soon contracted to kill lord Lucien Cornelius Black. at first she has no emotional connections to the mysterious Lucien, but after he saves her fro
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Character Visualization
I thought it would be fun to visualize and draw characters that come from our original stories. I personally love drawing, so I also take a lot of delight in drawing rough concepts of my characters in my stories. Do you have a character you've always wanted to draw onto paper? Feel free to share!
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Bedlam Asylum
Bedlam Asylum an mental institution located on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles away from civilization. All that are brought here are born with a defect that has deemed them unfit to be around.
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Killerz RP
*Inspired by various creepypasta stories and killers* Venture into the world of Killerz. A group of teenagers join together when they realize that they are all murderers, but conflict arises when killing methods are disagreed on and past events clash. Who will you befriend and who will you betray? Who is your ultimate foe? New characters welcome.
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Sumāto to sukiru kōkō (Smart and Skill High School)
Welcome to high school but not just any high school, the elites of them all. From different ranges of particular talents have been selected to become one of the most profound students of this school. The students will automatically be transferred to this school as soon as possible as the student council job!
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