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RPG: I'm going to a School for Monsters
A Monster RPG (Manga Style) where you can meet the most exotic monsters. Relationships/Students/Drama/Horror and everything you want (open) I have some characters in the works, but all are free to create their own characters. Also, I need some Mods. Genre: Romantic-comedy, science fantasy, harem, adventure.
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High School RP
Create your own Manga characters and make an RP High School love story in Oakwood High. Be as creative and dramatic as you can be to have the complete high school life experience!
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The Key to Love
(Yaoi roleplay but Hetro and Yuri are also allowed) Love is something we all consider to be special to us, even if we don't show it. How you open your heart to other's depends on you.
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Anime-style RP
An RP where all manner of characters will be accepted (Granted their place in the setting makes sense, but I'll try to be as open as possible). Make sure to read the rules and the story before posting anything!
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Our Fates when they cross (a Fruits basket Rp)
Set way after the Original Fruit's basket Canon's. who are the Chinese zodiac? A better question would be who is the Takahashi family? It seems that they were not the only ones cursed! Create an OC, zodiac or not, and live their lives! The spaces for both zodiac gods are open! Along with much of the zodiac!
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Magical Girl RP
This is a little RP/Chat for anyone who likes/is interested in the magical girl genre of anime, from Sailor Moon to the Mew Mews to Madoka Magica! Help make a story of a group of magic users who take on a deadly foe! Looking for members!
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Bleach: Cascade Effect
Private roleplay between Bee Bear and Jeremor
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