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Sins of San Dorado RPG
The gritty underbelly of San Dorado, California hides new technologies on the bleeding edge. Many would, and will, kill to possess them. Come join where the metal meets the meat.
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Mystery Rp
The Mystery Society, a group of people dedicated to solving the world's most baffling of mysteries. Composed of detectives, child prodigies, and other genius's, there is no mystery they can't solve.
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Noctem Sanguinis
A prestigious private school that is located in the Carpathian Mountains, isolated from the rest of society. The outside world knows nothing of the castle like structure that is surrounded by wilderness.
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It's all just a Mystery
Heres the situation: Theres been a homicide, several to be exact and the prime suspect is missing. Join us as we find the suspect and find out who is the real murderer though interrogation, and processing evidence. After all right now its all just a mystery.
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Murder Mysteries!
I love murder mysteries. You do too? Then come on in and we can talk about murder stories and plots for mysteries and anything that has to do with murder mysteries!
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Midnight's Song Discussion Forum
A place to trade insights, quips, and critiques with the author of Midnight's Song.This novel is very much a work in progress, and I'm curious to hear your input.
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How to make a mystery
How do we create a story that absorbs a reader while leaving must of the narrative restricted so they have to piece together the clues? Discuss here.
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Histórias de Detetive
Senti falta de um forum em português nesse site. Isso aqui é a tentativa de criação do primeiro, pensei num assunto que permeia nossas conversas de MSN. Lusitanos, brasileiros e outros são bem vindos!
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The Whodunnit RP
A Murder Mystery RP - More Details Inside. There are different games...none of them are real murders...or are they? hmm... ; Anyone can join at any time XD
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Become a CSI and solve murders and crimes not based off any of the TV shows, OC only
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And Then There Were None
"It is foolish to think of time as a manipulative variable, that it is only matter to be warped and altered at the mere will of an individual." The man trailed off, his eyes meeting the indiscreet gaze of the woman before him. "So it would seem," She said, smiling mildly back at him. "If you look too closely." Children are going missing, only for parents to find their dead bodies twenty six years later at their door step. Will you solve this diabolic mystery, or will time finally catch up to you?
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Historical Mysteries
Got a good idea for a mystery set in the past? Want input on stories or betas? Need help with plots or accuracy? Just want to find out about good mysteries? Come on in!
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Do you love to write mysteries? Anxious to meet other mystery writers too? Well, join MC Mystery Club and find advice, help, encouragement , and of course, great stories!
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Why do I like Mystery
Everyone loves a good mysterious story. But what makes them so special? Give your opinion and make the mystery section of a better place to write!
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Flenniken Forums
The forums for my story Kidd/Kyle, and any possible future stories containing Kyle Flenniken as a character. Please, come on in.
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19th Century Writers
Do you like to write mysteries that took place in an older era? Join us here, we have cookies.
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Character Development in a Mystery Genre
Hoping to get some advice as well as give some to writers in need of it.
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Mystery and Adventure Stories
A place to talk about all your mystery and adventure strories. Thye can be as weird as you like as long as they are wonderful to read.
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Secret Society (Cult) RP
Ever wanted to be a part of that shady corner of the world. Where everything is smoke and mirrors and nothing is what it seems? Well here's your chance. Whether demon worshipper, alchemist, mafia or 'enlightened' all are welcome.
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