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Robin Hood and His Merry Men
In the depths of Sherwood Forest, where even the Sheriff's best men can't reach, there is a camp. And who do you suppose that camp belongs to? Why, Robin Hood of course! The legend himself and his group of Merry Men, fighting for what is right and proper against the evil and greed that is The Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisbourne. But, what side are you on? Robin's or the Sherrif? Either way, it's time to find out!
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Folklore of the Street Kids of Miami
Yeah, I am doing a bit of research for a new book that im writing and I have been researching on the folklore of the Street kids in Miami. If any one knows a large amount of information on this topic they can post it here.
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For discussions for the godlike saga.
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World Myths
A forum for various myths and/or gods and goddesses
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Merfolk chatroom
for every one who has a much deeper connection to the sea :)
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Greek Characters - Mythology Elements
Hi All :) I am creating a novel type, still in the early stages. i would love to get ideas and input from all the greek mythology fanatics out there its a combination of greek mythology and the classic 4 greek elements [fire, water, air,. earth]. This is what i have so far: [1] Air - Male - Son of Zeus [Sky] & Hera [2] Water - Female - Daughter of Poseidon & Amphitrite [Seas Ocean] [3] Fire - Male - Son of Hephaestus [Fire] & Aphrodite [Love] [4] Earth - Female - Daughter of Demeter [Grain] Unknown all your
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