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Land of the Gods
Far, far away, there's a land where many beings exist; demigods and werewolves, gods and shifters, vampires and magicians, and so many more species. Peace is fragile, differences push people apart, and magic is strong. [Come in and join us, create a character, and roleplay in this brave new world of myth and magic. *OPEN AND ACTIVE FOR ALL!*]
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Letters From Above
Letters,flying everywhere. Literally, each contains a message on black paper,but written in red ink. Each one holds a story and within the story is a unknown secret. A secret from the lost.
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A place to chat about Mythology stories
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Folklore of the Street Kids of Miami
Yeah, I am doing a bit of research for a new book that im writing and I have been researching on the folklore of the Street kids in Miami. If any one knows a large amount of information on this topic they can post it here.
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For discussions for the godlike saga.
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World Myths
A forum for various myths and/or gods and goddesses
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Merfolk chatroom
for every one who has a much deeper connection to the sea :)
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Greek Characters - Mythology Elements
Hi All :) I am creating a novel type, still in the early stages. i would love to get ideas and input from all the greek mythology fanatics out there its a combination of greek mythology and the classic 4 greek elements [fire, water, air,. earth]. This is what i have so far: [1] Air - Male - Son of Zeus [Sky] & Hera [2] Water - Female - Daughter of Poseidon & Amphitrite [Seas Ocean] [3] Fire - Male - Son of Hephaestus [Fire] & Aphrodite [Love] [4] Earth - Female - Daughter of Demeter [Grain] Unknown all your
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Dragons of Aeryn
Welcome to Aeryn, a world of dragons! Everyone is welcomed with open arms-err, whatever it is you have to welcome with. Come join! We don't bite. Often.
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