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Miraculum is an academy well hidden, for both the mythological and supernatural, run by a board of gods. They oversee the student and teacher bodies, interfering as they see fit...or just when they feel like it. Active and new! Seeking members, new forums!
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The Haunted Streets
During the Victorian Era, there was unknown secrets. Secrets that should have been known. For there was supernatural and fantasy creatures in that time. In fact half of them were Upper class people, and great families. Come and role-play in this time to see what they had to go through. Everyone is welcomed.
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Robin Hood and His Merry Men
In the depths of Sherwood Forest, where even the Sheriff's best men can't reach, there is a camp. And who do you suppose that camp belongs to? Why, Robin Hood of course! The legend himself and his group of Merry Men, fighting for what is right and proper against the evil and greed that is The Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisbourne. But, what side are you on? Robin's or the Sherrif? Either way, it's time to find out!
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RP as a dragon! Because dragons... 0 0
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