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Yaoi Beta Wanted
It seems of late i needed to heavily re-edit a yaoi smut story i wrote back in my high school days since It has spelling, grammar, and other problems. I am looking for a beta with preference for gay romance story filled with drama and most have strong english skills to boot.
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Romance writers Forum
Discuss your favorite romance novels, Post characters, chat about stories, write an RP. Just keep it courteous and follow this site's rules
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with the power of five
five girls five boys one destiny one school and the apocolyps
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Advice forum
I need help. I have some romance issues, and don't know what to do.
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True stories
Tell me about your expiriences and what you wish you could have done. Lets get some ideas flowin
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Erotica Writers
For all of us here who have found comfort in reading or writing for the dark world of erotica of any kind. Come here to seek advice, reviews, opinions, ideas, or just a fantasy-fulfilling story to read.
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Character Age
I'm new to the site (an old Quizilla user) and I am in the early stages of a new story (possibly a trilogy). As I am no longer 16 my characters wont be either and I wanted to know if FictionPress users would read something about characters in the 25 to 35 age range? As I'm new, I haven't read any stories here yet, so I'm not sure whats popular. And to take a little "poll" how old are you? I'd like to know the average age of the FictionPress user. I'm 22.
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Falling for someone that will never like you back sucks. But it sucks even more when its your best friend.
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love magic and other things that hurt!
what if a girl with cool powers is seperated from the boy she loved at 15 then he turns evil and kidnapps her years later. first story so tell me what you think
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Romance in London
When Americans Travel to London its a wild adventure...Roleplay. Live, Love, and have fun. The more drama the better.
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Light & Dark
Readers, Welcome to my first forum and my first story shortly
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Salem also known as the city of evil, citizens here aren't known for their hospitality. The city is frozen in February 1692 during the Salem Witch Trails. All that enter the city are automatically stuck within the city limits and stop aging.
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Writers Block
A place where writers can ask for help with scenes that are giving them trouble. Preferably mature writers.
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Wanted: beta reader
I'm a new writer, and I'm looking for a dependable beta. See my post for details.
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Heliopolis, the heavenly city (Lemon Masterservantslave RP)
Heliopolis was built on an island full of nobility. Though this island wasn't built by clean methods... the nobles have slaves. They use them for work, or other more private means. Dark desires come to rise on this island.
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