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Romance RP
Another Romance one. This one can be mature. Please join.
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GVB Acdamy
What happens is you go into this school looking to learn great stuff,but your brain gets poisoned to make your think you are better than the opposite gender,but somehow you fall in love,and than you realized what happened to you. The whole point of the rp is to find love,and stop the GVB Acdamy from doing any more of this?
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Cravats & Corsets
The year is 1789. Lady Luck and Lady Lark requests the pleasure of your company for tea and crumpets. Expect marriages of convenience, childhood betrothals, scandalous affairs, and of course, true love. Regency Era RP
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California Lovin'
**ACTIVE AS OF 3/22/2015 & LOOKING FOR NEW PEOPLE! Simple RP that takes place in a SoCal city called Sycamore. There's only a month of summer vacation left. Let the magic of summer create a light-hearted romance! Both hetero & homo relationships are welcome!
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Love and Sexism
What do you think about the relationship between the sexes in romance novels? I encourage you to express your honest opinions.
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Tartarus Prison (Yuri RP)
On a island, hidden in a magical mist, off the coast of Greece lies the Amazonian Island. Here woman from Greek origins were placed away from the corruption of man. Though, inside the island's most dangerous forest lies Tartarus, a prison where the islands criminals are held. Some are the usual criminals, others rebels who were captured as they tried to overthrow the current queen. Can you survive here?
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Recommend This Request That
Have a story you want to recommend? Want a story in your liking?Let's rec.req.read. Cause aren't we here just for that?
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The Tavern
Enter the place where all Wizards, Witches, Hobbits, Elves, and other fantasy people come to visit and see how they interact with each other. Help battle the forces of evil and save the world from all sorts of Dragons.
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Boyfriend or Just friends?
You know the stories...it's the best friend who falls in love with the boy who's her friend, but how do you feel about that? And can guys and girls ever be just friends?
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Romantic RolePlay
Here you can roleplay as any race or character! Just drop a description and start posting!
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Full Of Drama and Romance RolePlay!
Make a character and join today! Go to university. Find the love of your life. Create all sorts of drama...Everything!
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Vampire Love Stories
Are you a fan of vamp romance stories? Read any good ones lately? Come in and share those stories for fellow vamp fans to enj0y!
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Private Forum. By luckistarz, Thalia101, BreezeRogue63, SpiritSparkSong333
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Maybe This Time, It's Different?
A roleplay about the slow-building relationship between a rich CEO and a poor street musician. [I want this to be a 1x1 roleplay to start out with; more details inside.] [CLOSED AS OF NOW]
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How Hard Is It To Find A Good Love Story?
It's difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, so tell me what stories do you guys actually like? I mean, what stories have you actually read, that you think are good?
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Hannah221's Writing Blogs
I might be "Keeping The Peace" but can I keep my sanity in doing so? Maybe I need a bit of guidance with "The Amateur's Guide To Love". Pop in for a behind-the-scene insight as I write my books and join me for a chat along the way to the final fullstop.
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The Butterfly Mystery
Come to the school that is from sixth to twelfth grade. This is the school where mysteries happen all the time. When one is solved it leads to another one that wraps around a much bigger story. Every place that you turn is a clue that leads to the big story. Will you come and join the mystery and maybe find someone special?
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What type of romance do you like best?
What type of romance do you like most? Tragic romance? Everythingturningoutperfect? what makes for the perfect romance story?
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Discussions about anything romantic
Discuss a topic that has anything to do with romantic stories, and how what you want in a story shapes what you read.
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Tragic Romances
How do you feel about the subject, express your opinion here. Also, if have a good story with a tragic tale post it here. Everyone is welcome.
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High School Romance RP
High school is supposed to be where you discover yourself but what if you discover others. Come in and begin meeting people, couples, friends, enemies. It's up to you. WE ARE OPEN PEOPLE!
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Argent High
Enroll here at Argent high, This is a romance R.P :D (active 11.27.14)
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Brookfields Academy RP
Come to roleplay with romance !
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Marcus and Engel Spinoff
Caught in a non-breakable bond of engagement, Engel and Marcus face their new lives between father-in-laws and tragic pasts.
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Great love stories
I like romance! With drama. I love stories with the nerd girl gets with the hot guy. give me some names of stories you like here on fictionpress.
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