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I'm trying to decide what makes a good love story without anything to fluffy. Plus I need to work out what's a turn on and what really puts you off!
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Romance Essentials
A forum focusing on just what's important to the romance writer.
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15 Years Her Senior
What has really annoyed me lately is how, in a relationship, the woman seems to always be younger.
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Jonnie the Forum
A place to discuss the story 'Jonnie the Girl', or the life [MY life] upon which it was based. Who knows, I might even clue you in on what's to come!
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OneShot Challenges: Are you up for it?
Can you stand up to the challenge of writing oneshots under restrictions? Prove yourself as a creative author, though some of these rules are completly out there, put yourself out there. Man, all that sounded soooo cheesy. Cheeese! I like cheese!
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Headlining Love
Hi!I want to highlight the best romance on Fictionpress, as well as discuss the ways to write a good one, or any kind of plot, writing suggestions, anything really. All are welcome!
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Great Authors
Feel like you have a great story to tell but get the feeling as if no one reads your story? Well, this is your chance to make yourself and your story known to the world! Post the summary of your story and tell us why it is great! All authors are welcome!
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Song of Love
Ok just wanting a giant list of songs of love and life
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The Journey of Love
Every story is a journey that you take. How are you planning your journey of love?
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Romance Role Play
I know there probably is many more, but, you know...bah humbug. Mine is cooler. Anyway, bring here your characters and get ready to hook up and break up!
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The Romance Lounge
Here's the place to talk about anything romance. I'm standing by to take your replies.
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Romance writers
This profile is for anyone who has Romances on this site to chat and share ideas, as well as advertise their stories.
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Romance Writers over 25?
Is there any other writers/readers out there over 25? Just curious and I thought I'd create this forum for us to hang out in lol!
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The pro's and con's of an arrogant character!
Different views on the typical arrogant god.
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the SKOW awards
I've heard about the SKOW awards for the romance stories but what exactly is it? what do they do for stories? anyone want to explain it to me?
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Dark Desires
Gather around...discuss your latest views on the dark side of life, the fun side and definitely the most exciting side of life...Romancing the Darkness
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Slash RP Forum
A place where you can roleplay any type or Slash pairings you want. Both yaoi and yuri are welcome here, just be sure to read and accept the rules before you create a character! Rated M forum.
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Best Romances On Fiction Press
What are the best romances on fiction press? What makes a story good? What makes a story bad? Feel free to come and chat, recommend and feel the lurve ! [yes, lurve]
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Erotica Roleplay
An erotic FICTIONAL roleplay forum for mature teenagers/adults to indulge themselves in... NO CHILDREN ALLOWED! Language/adult themes! You have been WARNED!
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Looking for some readers and a collaborator
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know any great non teenage high school romances?
a story that keeps you in your seat until its over and you're still wanting more.especially with hot steamy scenes involving adults
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The Boy Who Talks To God
Come here to discuss the story The Boy Who Talks To God and its sequel, Where Cross and Crescent Meet.
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Yaoi Love
This is a forum for and by yaoi lovers. Go ahead and talk about anything you would like XD Homophobes will be prosecuted without mercy.
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For those people out there who have a plot they want written. If you have a plot you want, put it down and someone can either write it or recommend a story along those plot lines.
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The Tasteful Romance Section
I would read many more romance stories if I knew the characters did not cross a line. For those of you who are the same way, here is your opportunity to show and read stories that are appropriate. If you're not sure what "appropriate" is, let's say T and
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