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Romance Role Play
Make a story all your own with complete strangers. Sounds like fun to me.
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Dearly Beloved
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The Lonely Plot Bunnies
Is your plot bunny suffocating in your head? Are you searching for inspiration? Did you want to find a collaborator? Or just see if there are any interesting romance pseudostories waiting to be written? If yes, come on in!
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The Romance Club
Hang out, read and review a story, meet other people, get read and reviewed. Oh yeah, and watch out for contests! :D
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Love and Grief
What do you think about love and grief together? Your favorite stories with those two elements? What you likedislike about them? Talk!
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Royal Love Story
Forum to support the C2 Community by the same name that I manage. If you're not staff and would like to recommend a story to be added, please post here. Or if you just wish to discuss some royal love story you've read, please do so.
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For the Love of Romance
This is a forum for anyone who loves reading about love. What type of romance makes you melt? What type makes you gag? And why? Discuss anything and everything love-related here.
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High School Romannce
16 year old Alexandria Walters moves to Wisconsin to live with her grandparents for a year. there she goes to a new high school, meets new friends and learns secrets about herself and other people around her. who does she meet? Come up with your own chara
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The Roleplay Forum For All Kinds of Romance
This is a forum for any character of any kind to be roleplayed with any other character no matter their gender. Twincest, mpreg, slash and femslash are all allowed here. Let your creative juices flow! :D
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Well, somebody told me to put my challenge here, s
Boy joins the rock band of his friend. Boy meets girl who is in the rock band. They slowly start genuinely liking each other. One problem: he’s 18, she’s 14. A very mature, and grownup looking 14year old.
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Interracial Romance
Here you can come and discuss anything concerning interracial love! Your views,thoughts and also you can share interracial romance stories that you think are worth reading and promote stories! Come and talk!
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Review for review?
I'll read yours if you read mine!
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Kingdom of Yuri
Hang out, talk randomly, or chat yuri/shoujo-ai/femslash here.
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Reviews for Romance stories
If you're currently writing a romance story and want reviews, this is the forum for you. Read and review other romance stories to get people to review yours.
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A little Southern Charm
Welcome to Willow Brooke North Carolina a small sleepy little town that sits along the coast, life is slow here and the people are more than friendly, but like all sleepy little town drama and secrets and affairs lye just under the surface think you can handle all the drama Willow Brooke has to offer click here to find out..
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Después de todo, mañana será otro romance
Un foro creado para todos los hispanos fanáticos del romance, asi podrán comentar en su lengua madre sobre las historias románticas que quieran.
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A romantic role play. This role play was created solely for romance. However romantic activities are not required. : Just fun.
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In Love With You: RP
Do you want your own character to fall in love with others? Then this is the right place for you. There's such thing as making private lemons, pairings, marriage or a whole family. All you have to do is join and find the right one for you! **ACTIVE** All is welcome!
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People who like romance
like the title!
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This a forum about how far love can go. If you like makebeleive stuff like vampires and magic and so on, this is the place for you!
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Do homosexual couples ruin a story?
help needed for my story! does this subject really ruin a story?
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Wisherhoper's Stories
Where you can post suggestions, roleplay, and you can tell me a name and about that character and that character will be part of the story! VOTE!
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Romance Role Play
Want to create a story with many other people? Well that's just what you can do while RPing. So you can come in and sign up and get started.
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Opposites Attract and Forbidden Romances
Are you in love with stories about opposites attracting or forbidden romances? Then this is the forum for you. Satisfy your hunger for stories with odds that make you want to weep one moment and then laugh the next. All genres of stories like this, welcome!
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The Love Game
Itching to start a romance? Got a plot bunny that won't leave you alone? Come here and suggest away to me! I'm open to all kinds of plots, and I'm deprived of love. My hands are itching to type. So go ahead and suggest away.
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