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Wood Bridge Academy RP
Welcome to Wood Bridge Academy. Not only the rich go here, but also the genius poor people. I hope you decide to enroll and enjoy your stay!
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Love story
Love story role play will be rated t and will be set in different place school, homes etc enjoy and everyone is welcome
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The Town of Highcreast
Welcome to Highcrest. Live and love, meet new people and move through your life. Grow up, graduate, get married, have birthdays... etc... I don't care, just have fun :3
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Yuri RP Mature 18
**Recently re-OPENed** So I don't see enough Yuri allowed RPs that are active these days, so why not? Everything is welcome but Yuri is the main focus. Everybody welcome! Fantasy/Romance 18 Mature Content LEMONS
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Stratford County Active
Welcome to the small town of Stratford County. This small county is for the adventures, the quiet ones, and the ones who do not want to be found. No questions are asked here, but can you make it in this small town? If your here for love, drama, and adventure then you might just make it!
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Point Arena's Academies
Welcome to Point Arena's private academies: Spica, Round Valley, and River View. Due to the small town and their problems these schools has been made for the rich and impossibly smart teens. The schools have their higher and lower qualities and in fact are connected just because the town doesn't want any rivalry. The schools pick three representatives and two Etoiles (leaders) from the same school by vote, so who will the next one's be?
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Angel Academy
Welcome to Angel academy! This is that place where your parents send you when they're sick of your annoyingness! I'm kidding, i'm kidding, wait...no im not. Anywho, i'm your principal pper and I hope you enjoy your time at Angel academy full with rumors, fights, romance, and fabulousness!
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Haddville Academy
Welcome to Haddville Academy. We hope you've decided to enroll. Our academics are the best in the country!
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Temptation and Sin
A lemon rp. Rated M. Create your own character and squeeze some lemons ;) Open to everyone and active.
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The Butterfly Mystery
Come to the school that is from sixth to twelfth grade. This is the school where mysteries happen all the time. When one is solved it leads to another one that wraps around a much bigger story. Every place that you turn is a clue that leads to the big story. Will you come and join the mystery and maybe find someone special?
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New York City
A mysterious and dark world awaits you. How come, you might ask? They exist. No one is aware of the creatures, or the magic present in the air. The supernatural are all around us- no one knows who, when, or where they'll pop up. Are you actually safe from the dangers lurking around each and every corner? What secrets do your friends hide? What happens when you fall in love... with one of those creatures?
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Argent High
Enroll here at Argent high, This is a romance R.P :D (active)
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Erotica Roleplay
An erotic FICTIONAL roleplay forum for mature teenagers/adults to indulge themselves in... NO CHILDREN ALLOWED! Language/adult themes! You have been WARNED!
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Arranged Marriage RP
There comes a time in every Prince and Princess in Heart Country's life when they are forced into an arranged marriage. Kinda... sucks, doesn't it? Maybe that's not the case for you...
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Slash RP Forum
A place where you can roleplay any type or Slash pairings you want. Both yaoi and yuri are welcome here, just be sure to read and accept the rules before you create a character! Rated M forum.
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Heian RPG
In progress.
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Romance in London
When Americans Travel to London its a wild adventure...Roleplay. Live, Love, and have fun. The more drama the better.
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Just a bit of fun and drama (romance hopefully involved)
A place where people can be whoever they want to be. Full of drama, Strange and new characters, all types of people! Just have fun!
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