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Wood Bridge Academy RP
Welcome to Wood Bridge Academy. Not only the rich go here, but also the genius poor people. I hope you decide to enroll and enjoy your stay!
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Love story
Love story role play will be rated t and will be set in different place school, homes etc enjoy and everyone is welcome
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Temptation and Sin
An RP devoted to Lemon! Come and Join. We are active and open and are welcoming fellow lemon squeezers! Come and squeeze some lemons. We can make lemonade together! ;D
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Affairs of the Heart
"Love isn't blind, it sees, but it doesn't mind." Come and roleplay romance here! We can build our RP plots and AUs together. *New and Active*
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This summer
Romance, drama, and more things that would happen in the small town of Gearhart OR, on summer vacation. Anything you can image could happen, you create any type of character you want it's your choice to make someone worth remembering and a love story that's even harder to forget {Active RP}
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Angel Academy
Welcome to Angel academy! This is that place where your parents send you when they're sick of your annoyingness! I'm kidding, i'm kidding, wait...no im not. Anywho, i'm your principal pper and I hope you enjoy your time at Angel academy full with rumors, fights, romance, and fabulousness!
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California Lovin'
**ACTIVE AS OF 3/22/2015 & LOOKING FOR NEW PEOPLE! Simple RP that takes place in a SoCal city called Sycamore. There's only a month of summer vacation left. Let the magic of summer create a light-hearted romance! Both hetero & homo relationships are welcome!
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Maybe This Time, It's Different?
A roleplay about the slow-building relationship between a rich CEO and a poor street musician. [I want this to be a 1x1 roleplay to start out with; more details inside.] [CLOSED AS OF NOW]
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Loves Stories of Mercy Hospital
Life at Mercy Hospital can be hectic if your a staff member, Nurses Doctors and EMTs all working round the clock to help keep the people of Charlotte alive and healthy, but theirs also other worries, arrogant co workers and the sexual tension and occasional relationships that spring up from time to time, do you have what it takes to balance a career and a relationship, click here to find out
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Kingsbury Institute
As one of the most prestigious schools in America, Kingsbury Institute boasts too much money they can use through generous donations from the wealthy parents of the spoiled rotten children. The atmosphere is highly competitive in both academics and sports, but behind the scenes, the students aren't always the nicest. Naughty in both meanings, join in the haze of sex and viciousness.
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The Butterfly Mystery
Come to the school that is from sixth to twelfth grade. This is the school where mysteries happen all the time. When one is solved it leads to another one that wraps around a much bigger story. Every place that you turn is a clue that leads to the big story. Will you come and join the mystery and maybe find someone special?
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Argent High
Enroll here at Argent high, This is a romance R.P :D (active 11.27.14)
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Slash RP Forum
A place where you can roleplay any type or Slash pairings you want. Both yaoi and yuri are welcome here, just be sure to read and accept the rules before you create a character! Rated M forum.
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Erotica Roleplay
An erotic FICTIONAL roleplay forum for mature teenagers/adults to indulge themselves in... NO CHILDREN ALLOWED! Language/adult themes! You have been WARNED!
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A little Southern Charm
Welcome to Willow Brooke North Carolina a small sleepy little town that sits along the coast, life is slow here and the people are more than friendly, but like all sleepy little town drama and secrets and affairs lye just under the surface think you can handle all the drama Willow Brooke has to offer click here to find out..
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In Love With You: RP
Do you want your own character to fall in love with others? Then this is the right place for you. There's such thing as making private lemons, pairings, marriage or a whole family. All you have to do is join and find the right one for you! **ACTIVE** All is welcome!
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Arranged Marriage RP
There comes a time in every Prince and Princess in Heart Country's life when they are forced into an arranged marriage. Kinda... sucks, doesn't it? Maybe that's not the case for you...
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Just a bit of fun and drama (romance hopefully involved)
A place where people can be whoever they want to be. Full of drama, Strange and new characters, all types of people! Just have fun!
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Romance in London
When Americans Travel to London its a wild adventure...Roleplay. Live, Love, and have fun. The more drama the better.
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