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Breeding Asylum
This is the Breeding Asylum where teens are fused with the DNA of animals. Unfortunately they are unable to produce offspring that can live a full life and are forced to breed with one another so one day they be free to live among the humans. Wolf is the Alpha Male of the Asylum and he greets all who come but he so wishes to break out and be free of the doctors forever. Will the tortured teens ever be truly free or will they remain under lockdown no matter where they are? Rated Mature for adult scenes.
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DO NOT ENTER! For some reason, I cannot delete this forum!
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Dawn of an Era
The creation of new creatures and new worlds are at your hands. The colonization of worlds is always possible. New space-faring races discovered with each passing minute, join as worlds and leaders fall. Create your race. Create your planet. Create the connections between other races. It is your time to choose upon what happens among the stars. But choose wisely, for one decision may plunge you and your allies into a time of darkness.
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The Celestial Sandbox
In this RP, you can do anything you want, as long as you follow a few rules. The universe is a blank slate, and you have just been given the tools to make it more. Destroy it, help it, the choice is yours.
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The new scifi nation rp
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Supernatural love story
Join if you love supernatural creatures and stuff also the school will be for supernatural creatures ONLY? Also ratings will be t. But enjoy and anyone is welcome, there will be different types of role plays schools, homes etc.
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The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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The Struggle
2031 the Human Advancement League has taken control of North, Central, and northern South America, along with most of Western Europe. Anything deemed to be blocking the progress of humanity was abolished and hunted down with extreme prejudice. That includes religion, marriage, ethical codes on scientific advance, and political dissent. The current year is 2089 there are three races of humanity the Norms, Augmented, and Premans ("Perfect" humans). Will you fight HAL Security Force or the Society of the Mask?
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The Asylum: Cataclysm
Everything was white, but after noticing that at least your skin and nails have a different color, you sigh in relief— yet that is barely enough comfort. You try to remember where you were last time since you obviously weren't here, but all you come up with is a blank. Suddenly the doctor and nurse come in, saying that you're in great care. Why? What happened? Everything looks unnatural and scripted. What if they're the ones who caused the accident? What's happening? [11/29/2016. ACTIVE & NEEDING MEMBERS.]
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The storm-wracked world of Night is home to an ancient race's greatest secrets, and humanity wishes to unlock them. Motivated by greed, three factions converge on the strange planet, precipitating a shadow war fought in the darkest of places. For the sun never rises on Night.
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The Gods Among Us: A Roleplay of Superhumans
The year is 2018. There are 7.6 billion people on Earth, and for most, life has improved in the past two decades of the twenty-first century. Clean and sustainable energy is abundant, the idea of a third world country is becoming a thing of the past, and there hasn't been a major war in years. All this is about to change. NOTE: Rebooting the story. Now is the time to join!
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The City of the Super
RP! There's a new City - Metronopolopolis - and it's discovered that some of it's population may have superpowers. But, Evil, and Good, it varies. You may see them, roaming amongst the streets. But you should be wary, Good or not, it may be unclear...
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Deadly Earth RP
The year is 2051, 24 years after the war. Radiation, nuclear winter, pollution, and war plague the Earth. Humankind once prospered, but what will its fate be now? You can help decide.
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Drakestar Spaceport RP
Humans and aliens alike are welcome at Drakestar Spaceport. Coming, going or staying, beings of all shapes, sizes and colors go about their business. Why not join them? You might find adventure, or get embroiled in a scandal. Who knows? ;
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A Sci-fi RP for any body who wants in! Welcome to any and all, welcome to a forum where the only rule is "have fun"!.
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The Hunt
Humans from all over are put in a hunting ground built by the Predators, but this time there is a twist they brought the universe's most dangerous creatures as well. Will you survive in this epic survival of the fitness? Come and find out.
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Bunker 9
Among the possible hundreds of other doomsday stories and forums, yes, I decided to add to that number. But bear with me here, because this won't be your everyday apocalyptic writing forum-at least, it's not in my head. So yeah! Come brave the concoctions of my imagination-if you dare.
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Not So Run of the Mill Science Fiction
Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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Clean Up Crew RP
A private RP for me and some of my friends. May be opened up later but for now it is private only.
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Space Science Fiction RP
A role play placed in an original science fiction setting focused on personal interactions and exploration.
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Freaks and Mutations!
Welcome all genetically modified, superhumans, and unfortunate biologists. Finally a place for freaks to gather.
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GSFS Silvanus
RP board. The newly formed Galactic Federation is at war with a new enemy. These creatures show no mercy, and experiment on the captured. In the midst of this war, the first Super Carrier is launched. The G.S.F.S Silvanus.
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A Clash of Iron Fists
The age of space colonization is well underway. Colonies on the moon and Mars are thriving and large orbiting stations have never been more advanced. 75 years ago the VI in charge of these stations put the stations in lockdown and moved them out of orbit. Now the stations have returned and the automated defenses have begun an assault. As a recruit in the new ACE training program, it's your time to get in your Mech and join the fight.
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What If
Someone once said Science Fiction is just a bunch of people sitting around asking What if. So what's your what if?
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SciFi Writers of Fictionpress
If you write searing space operas, the mighty clash of galaxyspanning empires in the cold blackness of space, of life after a cataclysm or anything else scifi, come and talk about it here. Share ideas and tips, ask questions and improve each other.
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